Blogfest #35: Kathleen Lloyd and Her Biz Her Way

Kathleen Lloyd from New Zealand is my 35th contributor to Blogfest. For KL, it’s all about FREEDOM:

I am the Crash Test Dummy for online courses. Have been bitten, and bitten deeply, by the big names. And spent several years subjecting myself to internal shaming because I wasn’t Crushing It.

That shame has been a messy, painful process to work through. When every time I open my email, I’ve got a chorus of voices telling me about That One Thing That Will Make the Difference. For only $37. Just come to this free one-hour long webinar.

I would say that feeling like a failure has been my ground state for at least three years.

So, now what?

Now I’m tougher. Now I laugh and unsubscribe. Now I press Delete.

Now I have a policy.

Trigger warning. This is not for everybody.

Nor is it permanent. Just for now. And just for me.

My current policy?

I don’t listen to male internet marketers.

I’ve decided that they simply don’t fit with my world.

Point. Press. Peace.

If I want to find out something I search for a woman who has done it. Who has the numbers and the track record  to prove it.

And who never boasts about ‘crushing it’.  Or brags about six figure this or that. Or posts photos of themselves next to their Lambo.

Someone with a proven alternative view. Someone like Judith Morgan. Someone with soul.

I’ve had this policy for a year, and my life has improved out of sight.

It’s wonderful.

The peace is magnificent.

When a male marketer tries to engage me, I point my magic remote control and press “Mute”.

Now that the noise volume is down to a vague hum in the background, I’ve rediscovered the sheer pleasure of creating something lovely for my audience. And then sending it out. Listening to what they say. Making a contribution.

Create. Deliver. Repeat.

And my business is going in a slightly different direction as a result. Because I’m not constantly frightened and despairing due to my failure to have A Six Figure Launch in Six Days.

My original business idea – the one that drew me to jump into the maelstrom that is internet marketing – is still a passion. Not lost. But no longer burdened with the imperative to earn me a living.

And I draw on Judith’s generous wisdom in this process all the way.

By My Pupils, I Am Taught

Now, people are paying me to teach them what I know. And my audience is finding me. I’ve become one of my own clients. I practice on my passion project, then talk to other people about what I’ve learnt.

Funnily enough, this turns out to be attractive to paying clients.

This is not a novel situation. I could point you to plenty of commentators who are talking about the ‘crisis’ in internet marketing. We’re all getting more savvy . Fed up with the constant drum beating.

And Mr Zuckerberg is onto it, too.  The new algorithm is death to nasty clickbait.

But I feel so safe now, because when I make a video, or create a meme, or post something that I love on my FB page, I know my audience is going to enjoy it. And I love doing it. And then coaching someone else to do it, too.

So, perfect result, really.  I could keep doing this forever. And now that this stuff, this posting stuff, this creating stuff, is becoming second nature, all I have to do is work on organisation and consistency. And scale.

Which is a much better problem to have.

Read Kathleen’s post in full as she originally intended HERE at her own website. Kathleen is an expert at there being more time and more fun for Mom and here’s her Facebook Page.

Dear Kathleen

It is marvellous that thanks to Mr Zuckerberg we have been able to become friends between the UK and NZ. What a magical miracle! I loved speaking to you that time and having your cheery influence in the Ask Judith Facebook group and knowing that you listen to the podcast. What is so wonderful is to see all that being part of what’s giving you confidence and it washing through everything you do in your own way at your biz and to see it helping you and your clients. It looks so easy when we write it like that, and it is simple, but boy did we all put ourselves through some **** before we woke up to that perfect reality. Love to you and thanks so much for being part of this Blogfest, I know I nagged a bit! x

Your Biz Your Way

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