Blogfest 44: Margret Covell and Her Biz Her Way

Today my first Blogfest guest is Margret Covell. MC is a staunch member of my Small Business Big Magic group, as she explains here in her own words:

It took me a while to realise that I was actually running a business! Truth be told, it seemed a tad too serious a label to be accurate. After all, it had come into being by following the nudges and promptings of my intuitive self, not a business plan in sight.

It all started back in the late eighties when I began running my own Drama School in tandem with a Corporate Training enterprise. They both flourished and fitted in well with my busy family life – with a bit of juggling and the inevitable time sharing, of course. I’d gone back to school to get my formal qualifications in voice and performance, so all the studying and practice served me well as a training ground for keeping all the plates spinning.

My head and heart were working beautifully in sync during that time. I truly was running My Biz My Way. Judith Morgan’s book, Your Biz Your Way, with the brilliant subtitle of Relax – You’ve Got This, epitomizes her reassuring, warm and wise advice, dealing with all the whacky worries we solopreneurs have that can so easily trip us up. I’m lucky enough to be a member of her SBBM group, which is how I came to be invited to contribute to her blogfest. Knowing she’s there to support and encourage is a super big bonus in my life right now as I take my evolving business online in a whole new way.

I certainly wish I’d known her when the recession meant training budgets were being cut to the bone; a familiar story, I know. I too often found myself having to adapt my offerings to fit into the company’s need to tick a training box, rather than look at what worked for their employees. I became more and more disillusioned with the whole set up. My self-esteem plummeted along with my love for the work. It was compromising my values, so I walked away. That was a true learning curve and a humbling one. I’d got caught up in struggle mode and had stopped listening to my own inner truth. It was time to find new ways to serve my clients. Interestingly, as soon as I dropped what wasn’t in alignment with my own values, new clients appeared – all by word of mouth.

Fortunately, during this time I’d been invited to become a founding member of what became a successful radio station which covers the South of England. I learnt how to be a professional broadcaster. I learnt how to write for radio, develop programmes, interview people – mostly famous, but always interesting. I even ran my programme from my bedroom after major surgery and once, from the studio car park when the garage next door caught fire and we were evacuated from the building. The eclectic playlist was made up of the CDs in everyone’s cars that day. Broadcasting has given me so much that I’m able to utilise in my business, not just the ability to create and record my own material, but increasing my ability to think on my feet. Oh, and to keep smiling no matter what.

The beauty of running your business in a way that comes from the truth of who you really are is that you can make it work for you wherever you are on life’s journey. My path has certainly embraced a lot of change and I’ve learnt something valuable at every twist and turn. Looking back, I can see how all my experiences have shaped not only who I am, but what I’m able to contribute to the people I’m here to serve. That includes my own personal challenges. Five years ago, my world imploded after the sudden death of my husband. I’ve had to find ways to go on, whilst dealing with a seemingly never-ending wave of problems and uncertainty. But I’m here – still standing. My heart has taken a while to mend but my love and appreciation of the dear people in my life, including my wonderful clients, knows no bounds.

Life is always there to teach us what we need to know. New understandings about how the body and mind works in perfect synchronicity has me constantly curious to know more. I know that everything is energy. I’ve had wonderful results using various energy techniques with my clients, particularly EFT, which is such a powerful technique when used properly. I trained to advanced level ten years ago and haven’t stopped using it since. And last year I trained in Human Design, another amazing tool to help us know ourselves better, opening ourselves up to self-acceptance and our place in the world.

We can tap into that powerhouse within us by learning how to trust our true, authentic self – and more importantly knowing that we are enough, exactly as we gloriously are. Lack of confidence and self-esteem can really have us believing some awful lies about ourselves. Add stress, worry, overwhelm into the mix and our true self can get lost in a fog of limitation. I’ve discovered how to help my clients clear away the self-doubt and communicate with themselves and others in a whole new way, enriching their lives as a result.

And as my own understanding of what is possible for each and every one of us expands, so too does my vision of how I can best help my clients realise true success, which comes from living life from that expanded place. That’s where I’m at now, with offerings to match. I’m excited to be standing on the brink of a whole new adventure for me and my business. So much is possible and I get to choose. I can’t think of a better way to run My Biz My Way.

Margret’s new website is currently under construction. I shall link to it here when it launches soon.

Dear Margret,

Reading this I am reminded that you are, comme moi, a Wise Old Bird. Less of the old I hear you cry and yet I don’t because another thing in which we are twin souls is that we are delightfully happy with ourselves just exactly as we are.  Thank you for playing along with Blogfest just slightly ahead of being ready website-wise. I am really looking forward to this, the next chapter in your fascinating story. Hearing your voice in this piece has taken by anticipation up a notch. Coming soon… Margret Covell. Gosh, it’s your turn.

Your Biz Your Way

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