Blogfest 9: Victoria Casebourne and Her Biz Her Way

Latest to pile into the Blogfest at #9 is Victoria Casebourne who tells the story of her biz her way:

So I saw the brilliant Judith Morgan talk about her new book which is about doing YOUR business YOUR way and this really sums up what I think the last few years have been about for me. At the end of the day you need to make sure that the business you create is a thing of joy and not just another job which keeps you trapped in someone else’s set of rules. To me that is the single biggest upside of being an entrepreneur and the one reason I could never go back to a 9-5. I do feel the landscape has changed recently though, and this is what I wanted to explore in today’s post.

When I started my business there was no such thing as a millionaire mentor, success coach or business breakthrough guru. I had Business Link and that was about it. And they were not there for long as they got disbanded.

Because of this I didn’t spend much time looking out at others and concentrated on running the business my way. Funny how you just work it all out as you go along when you are not focused on the right way to do things or worrying you are not doing it the way someone else would do. I had no one to ask so just cracked on and started earning money from month one. This isn’t to say I did it quickly which is where THE RIGHT mentor can add to your journey as they can save you years of hard graft by sharing their insights. But I did it and did it well.

I started in 2002 and I found my business grew organically and yet I wasn’t so concerned about any of it. I wasn’t in a rush as I knew I was building something which would last a long time.

I was doing business MY way, it was working and so I didn’t stop to think for a moment that I was doing it wrong or wasn’t following a blueprint. Because of this freedom-of-thought I allowed my business to evolve with me from opening a high street shop, a ceramic cafe, a wholesale business and much more. I LOVED exploring new routes to market and experimenting with marketing as it was all a self-funded adventure. I loved the unknown and working it out. I never tried to be perfect and never claimed to be either. I just loved the adventure that your own business can give you.

Fast forward 16 years since those early days of my entrepreneurial journey and I am so less confident in what I am doing in MY business as I spend far too long looking out at others. Funny… 16 years of experience and I found myself doubting myself and assuming the person offering me a quick fix for £197 who had only been at it for 2 months would know more than me. I started to beat up on myself for taking 16 years to build my business and others popped up a funnel and made 6 figures overnight (ha ha… no I am not that gullible to think this actually happens but it still gave my mind monkeys something to talk about!!)

It seems to me that Social Media is all about showing yourself in the best light so you can convince others that you know more than they do about their own business and, as the human brain works, we seem to find it far easier to trust complete strangers over our own intuition so much so that we pay big money for those insights and yet struggle to buy ourselves a massage or some time out.

The kicker is that we all know more than anyone else ever could about our own business and yet it is fear which keeps us looking out and waiting for that knight in shining armor to come and save us.

*spoiler alert: The knight is never coming so you better crack on and rescue yourself!*

It is only recently that I am starting something new, CreateMore.Space, to run along side my business baby The Keepsake Co. that I feel I need to block out that noise and concentrate on what is inside me, listen to what my intuition is telling me and take a punt on myself once again. Listening to the gurus has got me nowhere apart from in a dizzy haze of uncertainty.

I feel that all these blueprints, secret steps etc are over-complicating a very simple concept and we are all so focused on strategy that we have forgotten to focus within and on the basics. To remember what it is I want out of MY business and not worry about all the other stuff I have to let go in order to live my life the way I want to live it.  Just because it is right for someone else it does not mean it will be right for me.

It is ALWAYS when I get caught up in the strategy (on someone else’s advise) that my business starts to lose momentum and I dry up. Yet when I am in my own head, living the way I want to live and showing up the way I want to show up everything moves along almost like magic.

So my message to you is to really start to connect with that inner wisdom. If a young 20 year old me worked it out by myself then I am sure that you could too! It is just we are being brainwashed to think it is all far more complicated that it needs to be and that we need a guru to show us the way to make it a legit path.

So trust your brilliant self, respect the way YOU want it to be and go and make it happen. Simple 

Read Victoria’s story HERE at her own website.

Dear Victoria,

Thanks so much for joining in with the Blogfest, and no surprise is it that we would both be of one mind when it comes to this thing of doing it our way and trusting ourselves to do that? We are on the same page, as ever.

I am so thrilled to see your new biz taking shape at CreateMore.Space. You are so wise. That good talking-to you give yourself above and which will inspire many more in business is right on the money. We can trust ourselves, more than we know. If listening to the gurus leads to a dizzying haze of uncertainty, what’s the antidote? Yep, you’ve got it. Listening to our inner wisdom, experimenting with it, getting to know it and allowing it to lead us in the right directions for us each as individuals. This is a really empowering message which excites me a lot, as I am sure you can imagine.

The word strategy does my head in, and a real shiver goes through my body when clients want me to help them with that. Yes, there are strategic thinkers in this world and I understand why they would need that, but for the rest of us I think it is just something we think we ought to have and you know where I think we can shove an ought? Right up there with those shoulds! LOL.

Channeling your inner twenty-year-old and lucking into that old magic again, that’s the way to do it.  We are brilliant. We are magical. Thank you so much for your reminders of that.

Your Biz Your Way

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  1. Susan Weeks says:

    Victoria I LOVED your comments and thoughts around those pesky gurus. They clutter up our Facebook feed and as you so clearly say, they cause confusion and lack of confidence. All the best with your new biz venture 🙂

    Sounds like a tshirt that SHOULD be made… hahahahaha

  2. Victoria says:

    YES!! Let’s do it 😉

  3. OMG T-shirts! You can’t keep a couple of irrepressible entrepreneurs down, we are going into the T-shirt business now!!

  4. Victoria says:

    Thank you Judith for your kind words! I think I am going to get this on a t-shirt ” Where we can shove an ought? Right up there with those shoulds! LOL. Looking forward to seeing more in the blogfest 🙂 Thank you for being such an inspiration.

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