Blogfest for Solopreneur & Small Biz Bloggers

Are you a solopreneur/small biz blogger? If so I hope you’ll join my Blogfest.

As you may know, I recently published my first proper book, called Your Biz Your Way. I wondered if you do that, run your own business in your own way? And if you’d like to blog about it on your own website and then be featured on mine and on my Facebook Page and in my newsletter as a way of carrying on the conversation that my book starts?

Your Bit – Please take care to follow all these requirements for participation. I know us entrepreneurs are not good at the fine details!

Write a blog post about running your business your way and publish it on your own blog, website or FB Page. Here are some questions to get your writing juices flowing but feel free to ignore these at will, just so long as you explain how you run your own biz your own way, you can write whatever you like.

  • How do you do that, what do you do that counts as running Your Biz Your Way?
  • What do you do differently in your work that illustrates that? Why did you make up your mind to do it like that?
  • How do you go against the grain or against the received wisdom in ways which make you happier in yourself, more productive and more abundant in your biz? This is my fave Q.
  • Remember to tell us about you personally in your post and what you/your business does, in case I don’t know or my readers do not because I will be reproducing your article in full or excerpting and linking through to your site for them to read the rest of any super long posts there.


  1. Mention my book in your post using this link – – explaining your post arises at my invitation and that the dialogue will continue in my reply on my own blog –
  2. You will also be able to revisit your post and update with a link to my response when I publish you if you wish although there is no requirement to do that. I will notify when my post goes live.
  3. When you send me the link to your post, please also send me your photo you’d like me to use or permission to pinch it from your website or Facebook page/profile and kindly specify which. I am also happy to link to your FB Page and/or Twitter if you provide those handles. I may not have time to chase you for what you forget to provide.

My Bit

I will publish your post on my website, perhaps an extract linking through to yours, perhaps the whole piece (depending on length). Aim for 500-1500 words, your choice. In my experience, a blog article takes as many words as you need to say what you want to communicate. This might be a long one for some.

I will then write my own response to your post and link back to you, I will write about the emotions and ideas which arise in me when I read your story about self-employment your way, and what I appreciate about your words, your thinking, your biz and what I learn of value to me and my clients. Don’t let that put you off, I can find little nuggets in almost anything, truly.

I will share your story on my FB Page and publish in my weekly newsletter too.

After publication of your post, I will send a free digital copy of my book either to you or to someone you want to receive it instead of you. Please feel free to pay it forward. Again, specify who (with contact details please), I may not have time to chase if you do not provide these details, the onus will remain with you to wake up and remember and nudge me.

Schedule and Deadlines

My aim is to complete all of this by 31st March. I’d like 52 contributions so that’s ambitious, but there are enough days. I plan to publish one a day and maybe I can even take Sundays off! What I’d like you to do is let me know you are in and we’ll agree on a personal deadline for publication of your article.

I will then proceed to schedule your post, the sooner the better. Let’s get a wiggle on! I really don’t want to be posting all 52 contributions on the final day. I know what us writers are like and how essential the deadline is to our creative output.

Please pass this invitation on to anyone who employs themselves for money, loves to express themselves in the written word and blogs for or about their own small biz. Ask them to Message Me via Facebook or Contact me here via my website.

What else do you need to know from me? Use either of those channels to get in touch or if we already know one another, as I suspect we do, PM me or email me.

I do hope you’ll say yes and join in my Blogfest.

What’s next?

I can’t promise anything but I won’t lie either… the word “anthology” kept me awake for a couple of hours the night before last! And I should warn you I have done that twice before, so I have previous. But I won’t proceed to include you in that without your separate permission from this simple blogfest in the first instance which, in any event, begins with you publishing yourself on your own website. I hope this might even encourage you to think about and tell your own story or get blogging again if it’s been a while.

Your Biz Your Way

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