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Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkI love blogging, me. And mostly I like a challenge too but I’m not sure about the handful of blogging and other challenges which have come my way lately and whether they are just normal, or whether I am to take some special meaning from them. Let me explain:

We have been offline recently at one of my other websites while we deal with a legal challenge from a firm of lawyers who say their US-based clients have trademarked one of the words in our name. So we haven’t been blogging there for a number of weeks while we address that business challenge. Its a first for me and I must say I am saddened to discover that anyone can trademark a word. Surely words belong to all of us, I thought, innocently. But no, apparently they don’t.

And here, at my own blog, over the 4-day Bank Holiday Easter weekend I found myself unable to upload images or update plugins and email stopped working. It turned out to be a capacity issue which was speedily resolved last night so here I am again, but not before someone had hacked into my site yesterday and sent out a blog post on my behalf which I then had to remove from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.  I am sorry if you received that via my feed and thought I had completely lost my marbles.

What’s this all about, I wonder? The Woo Woo me is inclined to see it as “a sign”. My more pragmatic and down to earth friends talk me out of that and in view of the swift resolution to the weekend’s blogging challenges, they are right so to do.

But these challenges are causing me to consider my future online, but then that was under review anyway.

What do you do when the **** appears to be flying at you from all sides? Pull on protective clothing and keep your head down, that’s what.

So it’s a strange day, then, to be thinking about undertaking a blogging challenge. Over the weekend it occurred to me I might like to challenge myself to write 100 blog posts in 100 days. This morning I’ve watered that down to 7 blog posts in 7 days, en route perhaps to 30 blog posts in 30 days and more beyond. Let’s see if the technical and legal challenges will permit.

So just for today I am voting to push through the challenges with some typical Taurean bull-headedness, wondering the while is that a good thing? When it’s right, it’s easy and over the last few months my blogging journey has been anything but easy. My life has shown me over and over that when I use force, it all goes wrong.  Is there a subtle difference between push and force? I think so, and with just a little teeny tiny shove, here’s the first one. Published.

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  1. Judith Morgan says:

    Well, Nicola, in order for Business Week to stop anyone using the word business in their domain, they would have had to have trademarked it, that’s the difference. It’s like “owning” the word, commercially at least. Now, we could bully and bluster our way through this and rally together and so on, but what would be the point? All that wasted energy committing to a fight no-one wins except the lawyers. We have had one meeting so far about changing the name because, of course, if one is building a business asset, one would need to declare this as a business risk when it comes to selling it on and it would dramatically reduce the sale value if you didn’t own clear rights to use the name. So we might as well bite the bullet and rename it now, but its difficult because our baby has been called that for a year and we like it like that!

    It isn’t getting me down any more, I am over the initial shock and surprise and sadness and disappointment. But imagine having to re-name a child on their first birthday, that’s what it feels like.

    We are made of stern stuff, yes. But we shouldn’t have to be. Business was always tough and with people like this in the world it is getting tougher. I don’t want to compete in that world. That’s the old world of competition. Now we are in the world of collaboration and love, love, love.

  2. I still find it impossible that anyone can stop anyone using one word in their domain name – if so Business Week could sue anyone using the word business in their domain! Have you contacted Yaro Starak and any other big bloggers that also might be affected? I’d also be seriously thinking of mobilising your army of fans on Social Media to name and shame the bullies – I’d be up for that for sure! In the meantime, don’t let it get you down love and I might even join you in a blogging challenge, I don’t do it enough nowadays. My big challenge right now is that I’ve realised that, on the domain I’ve been cultivating for the last 3 years, most of my traffic is research / looky-loo type traffic, not buying keyword traffic. Why 20% of them then opt-in I have no idea but perhaps a free gift is too good to pass up even if you weren’t looking for it…? Chin up love! We are made of sterner stuff, are we not?

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