Blogging Day 346 out of 365/2014

BookToday is Blogging Day 346 of 365 days’ straight blogging in 2014. It is 17.15 on Friday 12th December and for the first time this entire year, I have zero idea what to blog about. My mind is absolutely blank which isn’t something a Creator says all that often. I think recording the first three shows in my new podcast with Nicola drained it all out of me today. I need to go for a little lie down.

So, what’s on my mind?

It was interesting to note that when Nicola asked me in the podcast to think of and talk about people who had impressed me this week, it was my clients. Impressed and inspired. When I started to rack my brains about things which impress and inspire me, it’s you.

I don’t want to allow the innocent reader, passing this way for the first time, to think that I am sycophantic in my appreciation of my clients. Nor would I want that person to think that this happens every day and every week because I am such a genius coach. Neither of those two are true.

But this week there have been a lot of great stories and heart-warming breakthroughs after a year’s hard work. And boy do those people deserve their success. It’s lovely when something drops into your lap but its even more gratifying when you’ve worked hard for it. I like a bit of both, myself.

I told Nicola about Sarah who’d had this transformational experience within a day playing Cashflow 101 in November. Now she loves sums.

And about Andrea, who – after a long year of experimentation and travel and following her dream, and writing, and tweaking her newsletter, website and blog, and volunteering and taking photos and learning how to use Cafe Press and returning home to her homeland and deciding she didn’t want to settle – discovered that her niche had found her rather than the other way around.

And about Soozi who had written in her new blog about a pivotal conversation in which she realised she wasn’t enjoying her current business, she’d somewhat outgrown it, and switched in a moment to a new business using skills she’d developed in her first.

And Margaret who has learned how to be abundant and was able to relatively easily refund one client who changed her mind, knowing, trusting and creating the space for an even more perfect client or two to send a deposit and call with a new commission – within moments of the refund. That felt like a little miracle to both of us. A miracle at Christmas.

All around me are men and women who are dedicated to their own personal growth through creating a business to love. OK, it isn’t overnight, though turnarounds can appear to be to the onlooker. Only they and I know the dark nights of the soul they’ve gone through and precisely how much application, stickability, skills acquisition and dedication it takes to find your self-employed way to financial equanimity.

Self-doubt, procrastination, a preparedness to learn and experiment and fail, to go out of your way to take advantage of an opportunity, to risk, to travel, to volunteer, to push through, all these take dedication and hard work. After all of that, you deserve whatever success comes your way. Once you offer yourself to your work in that way, lots of stuff turns up which looks like ‘good luck’ too. Both work. Both are marvellous. And one increases the likelihood of the other.

If you are self-employed or contemplating it, may miracles be your experience also. But be prepared to dig in. You’ll love it. The highs and lows – it’s all part of the game, it goes to make it fun. Start your own business and just watch the personal transformation. You’ll be glad you did.

And I thought I didn’t have anything to write about! What am I like?

Your Biz Your Way

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