4 Blogging Success Celebrations

Blog 2Yesterday was a fabulous day of celebrating blogging success stories with my clients. I love to blog and encourage all those who have a website to find a way to publish blog posts as often as they dare/relish/can be bothered. We debate the point of blogging a lot…”why am I doing this again, Judith?” and so on. Yesterday was one of those days where the point came home to four clients – four!

Client Number One is a good and reliable blogger. She publishes twice a week – at length. We often debate making them shorter and putting more content in her newsletters instead, after her readers have trusted her with their email address. But she had an enquiry from a potential mentee who had consumed and enjoyed her blogs. Whilst mentoring is not something she sells right now, it is a business and revenue opportunity which arose 100% via her blog. We have the opportunity under consideration right now.

Client Number Two was contacted by a BBC radio journalist with an invitation to be an expert on the topic the radio show was intending to explore. The radio journalist had read my client’s “wonderful blog” and that was what caused the two of them to connect. This is precisely why we blog, to be visible and to be found by opportunities like this.

Client Number Three published a blog post yesterday and within five hours was reporting back that one of her own favourite bloggers she’d mentioned in the post had shared it on her page and commented with some lovely feedback. My client reported herself to be chuffed. ┬áMe too.

Client Number Four is a blogger for hire and during our call on Thursday she mentioned that she would like to be blogging for one more business client. By Friday she’d heard via a third party about how much one of her existing clients valued her blogging AND heard from a prospect she would love to work with when he re-launches his brand and about writing an article for a business she loves. Once you get clear about what you want, it seems, it rocks up within 24 hours! It is also good to know that your clients are singing your praises especially when that feedback comes through others it is delicious to be able to impress in that way.

What a great day for the bloggers in my mentoring groups!

Blogging brings visitors to your website who, in turn, bring you business and all sorts of other goodies which let you know you are on the right track. If you don’t like to express yourself in the written word there are others who will do that for you. But did you know that you can audio and video blog as well? One of those might suit you better. What we are after is simply creating regularly updated new and valuable content on your website.

If you know you are either overdue to be blogging for your business, or you think your blog isn’t working or you’d love to be a blogger for hire, we should talk.

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