Marketing: Why Bother Blogging at All?

BloggerMost of the people I know these days have a website. And most of them have a page on it called Blog. And almost all of them know they should be blogging. But are they? Not really, no. They pay various webby colleagues of mine to create beautiful websites for them which then lie fallow, dormant, unloved.

There are quite a few challenges with regular blogging:

  • What shall I write about?
  • Who cares what I think?
  • There’s so much noise on the internet already, do I want to be party of that?
  • I’ve got nothing new to say.
  • Dare I risk exposing myself on the virtual global stage with my opinions, typos, personal contact details and sundry other nameless dreads?
  • I’m not (yet) very good at writing and I don’t want people to rubbish my attempts and put me off completely.
  • Better perhaps not to spoil my beautiful website at all, mumble, mumble, wimp out, #epicfail.

There really is no substitution for creating a regular habit. Once a week would be nice, twice is great, three is just peachy. It reminds me of the one funny line I really enjoyed in the Ricky Gervais film where he played a dentist. “Do I need to floss, Doctor?” “Only the teeth you want to keep!”

Do I need to blog, Judith? Only if you want visitors to your website.

Like a lot of different things I notice when working with my clients, you are all an awful lot better at everything than you give yourselves credit for, trust me. So here are a few jolly good reasons for blogging to help and encourage you to do it at your own website today:

  • It’s dynamic content which the search engines love
  • It doesn’t involve getting up at 5am to eat a full English with men in suits
  • Keyword rich content gets you found quickly online
  • You have a chance to showcase your expertise to millions
  • You demonstrate abundance and generosity by sharing your knowledge with hot prospects
  • Your ideal client can check you out and get a taste of you & your business at no risk to themselves
  • You start building relationships with no travel time, cost or hassle
  • You get to interact with future clients via comments – fast & fun!
  • Reader comments reveal what people are interested in and really want you to offer them
  • Your posts can be re-used for article marketing, newsletters, podcasts and paid products
  • Your content becomes the groundwork for a book or a publishing deal
  • Regular blogging quickly improves your writing skills
  • It’s as cheap as any marketing can be and flexes to suit your schedule
  • It creates new friendships, joint ventures and connections all over the world
  • Your site stats reveal what your target market wants to know/buy
  • It grows your business using the power of the internet – it’s cheap, fast and efficient
  • For the pure joy and synchronicity of mad, magical and random connections
  • It allows you to share hints and tips that inspire and change lives
  • You can get known as an Expert, offer yourself as a Guest Blogger and everyone wins
  • Reminds your clients why they chose to work with you and encourages repeat sales
  • Keeps your name in front of clients and encourages referrals

And that’s just a list off the top of my heads. What have I missed?

My favourites are that you can do it without leaving home at no cost to you except your time. It gives you a local reach and/or a global one – your choice. Your writing skills improve, your skin toughens up, you get into relationship with your readers and potential clients which helps you craft offerings they will buy, having learned to know, like and trust you. It keeps your website bang up to date with new and current content which the search engines love without involving your web tech and it enables you to write content which can be used in multiple other ways, too many to go into here but think books, e-books, newsletters and articles, and that’s just for starters.

Best of all, blogging is perhaps the easiest and most accessible way to get to grips with marketing. Marketing. There I’ve said it. The nemesis of the self-employed and small business posse. With learning to love blogging, you could be learning to love marketing too. It’s just that easy. Make time to blog and eventually the world shows up at your virtual door, credit card in hand.

Have I tempted your Inner Blogger? Come on, you know you want to…!

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