Book a Consultation

You’ve enjoyed a leisurely snoop around here at my website, read some or all of my book or blog, listened to our podcast, followed and Liked me on Facebook and consumed enough of my written or spoken words to be pretty sure I am the business coach or entrepreneur mentor for you, or you just get the vibe that we’ll be great together, then your next step is to book and pay for a consultation.

This will cost you £150, which will then be refunded against your fees when we go on to work together for a year, reducing your investment from £1500 to £1350 provided you make that investment within 30 days. So do be sure, that’s why I recommended you check out all my resources before you go this route.

When you are ready, it’s a simple two-step process:

  1. Use the Consultancy category to book yourself in at my online diary: Setmore 
  2. Then go immediately to pay £150 at the time of booking via

Don’t want to commit to a year? Then simply use the PWYW (pay what you want) category at Setmore instead and make a donation.

Any questions? Contact me via my Facebook page please: The Small Business Oracle.