My Book – Coming Soon!

It has taken me over fifteen years working as a business mentor and coach to work out what I want to write my book about. My magnum opus.

As ever, I am taking August 2017 “off”. I’m off work, mostly not working with 1-2-1 clients, and lovely clients and colleagues are standing in for me on the podcast. Instead, I have inserted into that space the writing of a book. #Nutjob!

The working title of the book is Your Biz Your Way.

The strapline is Learning to Trust Yourself: Relax, You’ve Got This!

I am loving the writing of it. It is flowing out of me easily once I open Scrivener and stop procrastinating. Honestly, in my “real” work I don’t procrastinate – ever. But it seems that now that I have given myself permission to be a proper writer, I’m all over the shop with that shiz, which is great because so many of my clients flounder like this, doing the P word thing. And I do so love to get inside your psyches first hand wherever poss.

The book takes 52 questions about emotional bonkerness and busts through them so that you can see that to be bonkers is quite normal for us self-employed types. But that busting the bonkerness will make it much easier for you to employ yourself for money because it’s what you are putting between yourself and ease and success.

I have no idea why you do that, but I am so happy you do because it makes you endlessly fascinating and I think it means I am going to be able to write and publish a volume of this book every year, for as long as that remains a fun prospect for writer and readers alike.

I’ve chosen 52 questions so that you can work your way through them like a yearbook if you want, although I’ll expect you to devour it in one sitting! My aim is to make it very readable, but I hope you’ll earmark the ones which nail your issues and return to them and follow the loving advice until you’ve busted through that particular bonkersness before moving onto the next. Start with the most urgent, the one you feel to be most disabling.

If you’d like to submit a bonkers question for me to answer in the next year’s book, or on my blog or on my Facebook Page or put it in next year’s volume. Or you could simply join the Ask Judith free group on Facebook and ask and get your answer today.

One final thing. There’s a couple of warnings I need to give you. Your Bis Your Way is part love, part humour and part harangue. The questions are sometimes answered with brevity, and sometimes at length, sometimes I’m pithy and sometimes loquacious. But, like everything I do, it’s written with you in mind and I hope you’ll love it and tell all your friends who’d also love to employ themselves for money.

Keep an eye on this page or my blog or my newsletter or Facebook, or an ear on the podcast, and you’ll be the first to know when its ready to get your hands on a copy which will initially be only in electronic form. We will move to POD (print on demand) via Amazon probably after Christmas 2017. Current clients will get a free copy, as will contributors who can either be mentioned in the Roll of Honour or hide behind a cloak of anonymity. That’s 100% your choice, as always.