Book Report

It’s a month since I published my first “proper” book, called Your Biz Your Way. Here’s my first book report… er, my first report about the book I mean! Words, eh?

I monitor CreateSpace (where you publish print versions on Amazon) pretty often because what you measure increases and sales there in month one total 36. Similarly, I monitor (and regularly ask for) reviews on both Amazon UK (13) and US (2), total 15. Digital versions sold via my own online shop at Selz total 29. So grand total book sales in Month 1 = 29+36 in month one, and that’s 65. My first goal is 100.

Publishing YBYW was so much fun I have already decided to publish the second book this year and my heart also seems set on publishing at least one book every year. Who knew?

If anything, my favourite thing about Your Biz Your Way is people telling me how helpful it has been for them. Here are three examples:

K said:

“OMG, I have just read about ‘nice girl hand-wringing’. I had to stop, put the book down, and lie back. Truly, I flipped out the footrest on the sofa and I put my head back, and just sat and contemplated what I had read. It was such a surprise to realise how much of my life is/has been controlled by being a ‘nice girl’ and I am now 60. My Mother’s voice has been constantly in my head telling me what I “should” do. My Mother passed away 2 years ago and I’m still doing all those ‘nice girl’ things she engrained in me. I didn’t even realise this was an issue for me.I shall endeavour to ‘stop it immediately”.That is one brilliant bit of observation and advice.”

S said:

“Hi Judith, just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. My current life challenges have resulted in horrid feelings of overwhelm, ennui and powerlessness. Your book made me realise that I’m not alone and perhaps the reason I feel so lost is that I haven’t always been asking myself the right questions! I love your knowledgeable, mature common sense and direct but compassionate answers and advice.Thank you xx”

And L said:

“That’s it, I’m not helping anyone for free anymore (unless I want to & decide to). My time & skills are worth something so from now on, I’m valuing them & myself… I need to support my family & being kind, scared to ask for money/payment of some form or thinking ‘well, it’s only a little thing’ doesn’t put food on the table or pay the rent. Thank you, Judith, for getting round to writing your book, it’s the kick up the bum & dose of reality I needed & it’s delivered in a kind yet forthright way. I highly recommend it, even for non-business people, it has something that most people can identify with.”

No-one who knows me will be surprised that these are illustrations of the reasons why I wrote this book, to make a difference to those three women and hopefully to many more.

Do you have your own copy yet? If not, here’s how to get a free chapter and buy either the print or the ebook version.

Free Chapter

Free Chapter is available at my website: or directly from this link. Or, if you are already reading this blog post on my own website, just click up there on the nav bar where it says Read My Book.

Print Version

You can buy the print one at Amazon.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

Amazon Canada – Who’ll be my first Canadian reviewer, please?

and all the Euro ones – if you live in Europe you’ll know your local Amazon.

Digital Version (eBook)

Your Biz Your Way is not yet available on Amazon Kindle (coming soon). You can, however, read it on your Kindle or on iBooks or any other digital reading app you like by buying it here at my Selz shop. When you buy it at Selz not only is it cheaper but you get all three versions – PDF, ePub and Mobi – and I will help you get it onto your reading app of choice if any such help is needed. Don’t be shy. About 10% of buyers have been a bit flummoxed by the tech of doing that but all happily and speedily resolved by me wearing my shiny customer service uniform and badge!

Reviews on Amazon

Reviews at Amazon are incredibly helpful and you don’t need to have bought it there to review it there. You do need to have read it though! Thanks for your support. My goal is 100 reviews as these are very helpful for a writer in establishing the quality of the product and in Amazon recommending my book to those who might also enjoy it, based on their other book-buying habits.

Ask Judith

Purchase of any format of the book includes free membership of the Ask Judith group on Facebook where we can discuss matters arising from the book, you can also send me in further questions for my next book (or not) and get other help, support and advice for running Your Biz Your Way. Membership now numbers 75 and it is quietly growing into a useful resource for the solopreneur for whom this book was written.


Your Biz Your Way

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