Brilliant Ideas I am Having for My Own Business – and for Yours

DSC00260I’m on fire with brilliant ideas today, for my business and for yours. I have a feeling it is going to be a very creative day. Here’s just a few:

I have a gorgeous office in my garden which I don’t use very much anymore since I took my gap year in 2010. I built it back in the days when I was much busier with my work, when I owned and ran many more businesses. Since I have simplified my affairs it stands empty a lot of the time although we do play Cashflow games down there when my clients come. So my idea is to rent it out in two ways:

  1. You can hire it as a meeting space in London. We have free and plentiful car parking in my street and I am quite central at London SW2 4QB. Public transport is reasonably good with Streatham Hill rail station a walk away, a bus garage at the top of the road which goes to all points in London and several tube stations (Brixton and all the Clapham ones) a short hop away on the bus. The meeting space lends itself to 1-2-1 meetings or small groups, probably a maximum of six or seven, fewer for comfort. Tea and coffee are provided, as is WiFi. Visitors tell me the energy is fabulous. What I like best is the light and the fact that we are working amongst the trees and the birds, even in London. My garden is very peaceful and in the summer it is very pretty too. Spreading out al fresco is also a possibility, weather permitting.
  2. I am thinking of offering it as co-working space, so once a month you bring your laptop and work here with two or three others. Let me know if you are in London and that tickles your fancy and we shall put a small group together like a networking/mastermind.

Play and Learn with Cashflow 101Every time I facilitate one of Rich Dad’s Cashflow games, which I did last Saturday, I always want to run more of those because it is currently the most transformational work I do with my clients who want to make more money.  So I am going to be doing more of these in 2014. I always say this, and now I am going to do it. If you would like to play I have one upcoming on Easter Saturday. Tickets are available for a PayPal donation here. 

Two of the most read blog posts I have written recently have been about my intended return to personal coaching in addition to the business and entrepreneur work I do. I am going to be looking for a few guinea pigs to start me off very soon and shall be writing more about this on my blog perhaps as soon as later today and definitely in my newsletter tomorrow.  I am really excited about this and reminding myself why I would love to do it and why I think I am particularly suited to it and can help clients make big personal changes in their lives, whether or not they are self-employed.

Young Girl Wearing Fairy Costume in Mid AirPersonal coaching has been devalued by the number of life coaches in the world who have never been able to earn a bean doing it, despite their fabulous intentions and awesome qualifications and testimonials. There’s an under-employed life coach at every networking event one attends, which is why we coaches are encouraged to niche into something more marketable. I love a challenge, me. So let me see if I can turn that received wisdom around and find a whole new tribe to help and a whole new way for me to be of service to my clients.

I think that’s enough good ideas for one day. Don’t want to peak too soon, I haven’t even had my breakfast yet. Once a Creator, always an ideas person.

Your Biz Your Way

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