Podcast Ep 68: Business 101 Learning All You Need to Know

Together with my former business partner from The Money Gym, Nicola Cairncross, we’ve created a regular weekly podcast which is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life. If you enjoy audio, give us a listen. New episodes are published every Friday. You might also join our Facebook Group where we debate matters arising from each episode, and/or Like our Facebook Page where we publish each episode as it goes live each week. You can also subscribe at iTunes.


calculator-178127_640In episode 68 we debate whether it is even possible and how to acquire all the knowledge you need to run your own small business well. Is there a place where you can go to learn everything you need to know about business – and fast? Or is it enough to learn just what you need “just in time”? Business 101. How to work with your accountant to get regular useful management accounts and understand what they mean so you can take good business decisions. The rub is not knowing what you don’t know. If not an accountant, would a business coach provide better help?

In other news, we talk about introducing half terms for all of us, not just parents, and how the podcast has brought me my first proper client – after 60+ episodes – in what we call the long game of marketing. Nicola tells me about a new audio app she thinks I’ll like called Anchor and I ask her about EasyVSL on behalf of a client.

Our words of the week are New and Margins. Nicola’s refining her core product offerings and talks about JV and affiliate partnerships with those in a position to promote her Facebook Ads Course ($497). I’m excited about having started with a new JV myself, I can’t talk about it yet but it is an accelerated fast-start business course for Mums who want to run their own home-based business (just up my rue).

I’m impressed by two clients who made money last week during half term when they were away from their computers. This always impresses me more than the money we make at our desks! And Nicola tells listeners about Nathan Chan and his new Instagram course.

Every day I am becoming even more interested in creating a clear distinction between work, rest and play which is why my clients making money while not at their desks is delightful. In this day and age, thanks to all the “helpful” tech gadgets, it is all too easy to be Always On and our job to make sure we get proper rest and plenty of it. The podcast is called Own It! Your Business and Your Life and we focus on business a lot. My mission is to make sure we recognise and remember the importance of having a life too.

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