Podcast Ep 70: Business, Bereavement and Loss

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me and Steve in New YorkIn episode 70 we talk about bereavement and loss and the impact it has on our lives and in our businesses. This is prompted by the loss of Steve Watson who was a close personal friend and family member and business partner to both of us in varying degrees throughout the entirety of the time I have known Nicola, since 2003.

We both agree that Steve, mostly a quiet man, would be amazed by the outpouring of love for him all over social media. He’s had a positive impact on a lot of people’s lives, not least in his work as website designer. Previously a chef, amongst other things, the customer service ethic he brought to all of his work has been much praised. The consensus is that Steve was “a good bloke”, a bit of an under-statement TBH. He is already much missed.

We talk about what would happen in our businesses were such a thing to happen to any of us. Have you left systems that others can follow? How easy would it be for a caretaker or executor to sit down at your desk and work out what’s going on, calculate work in progress, take over current projects and complete them, and refund any clients where that wasn’t possible? Who else knows your computer passwords so they can log in? What else do you need to think about to protect your business and your clients?

No week would be complete without mention of Gary Vee! I talk about another loss I have suffered (a court case), we briefly get into project updates and words of the week (dance and loss) and there’s talk about how therapeutic it can be – or not – to immerse yourself in work and other busyness at such times. Nicola’s what’s impressed me this week. The woman that she is in 2016 would simply not have been possible, in many regards, without Steve Watson.

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