How This Business Coach/Mentor Can Help You

I am someone to whom you can report progress, find accountability and celebrate success.

I am an emotional support when feelings overwhelm or block you from being able to do your work.

You can pick my brains, we can compare notes, and solve problems.

We can work out the best way for you to do something or get it done. You can bounce ideas off me in ways which help you make your own decisions.

I will remind you to dig in, and to keep on keeping on. I will help you shape your ideas into winners and earn from your creativity. Together we will get rid of what’s wrong.

I will bolster up your natural talents so that you have the same appreciation of them as I do. I will blow away your doubts. I will say yes, no and maybe! I will encourage you through slog, like the tough middle bit of the marathon, and tell you when to stop, slow down and rest.

I will give you permissions you cannot give yourself, to be, do and have what you want.

I am someone to talk to who is always 100% on your side, without an agenda of my own.

Can you tell I am completely in love with my work this week? It is a privilege to be on your team and to know that I have helped you to get what you want, and to feel good about yourself. To know that I have made a difference…isn’t that what most of us want to be able to feel and say about our life and work? I know I do.


Do you have work you are in love with, which pays your bills and/or feeds your other needs? Could that go better? If so, I’d love to help especially if you are you still looking for ways to monetise your creativity.

Here are some useful choices:

The first one’s always free – simply book yourself into my online diary in any of the free sessions such as Entrepreneur of the Day.

If you’ve already done that and are not yet ready to join a group or that’s not right for you for any reason, then book another or a series of them and pay by donation or agreement via PayPal or online banking  – choose Pay What you Want in the online diary.

And if you want to share the sorts of successes I’m talking about today in this week’s newsy newsletter, then join one of my mentoring groups – Small Business Big Magic for beginners/start-ups or Club 100 for intermediates. When I know you, I’ll be able to guide you with that choice.

Your Biz Your Way

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