Reasons to Hire a Business Mentor

business-mentoring1-125Here’s a list of reasons why clients hire me as their business mentor:

  • They are self-employed and skint and sick of just scraping by
  • They are still in a part-time or full-time day job but the yearning to be their own boss never goes away
  • They have been self-employed for a while but still can’t seem to make it work
  • They have all the right ideas but the money doesn’t seem to follow
  • They want their businesses to work better, recognising that what they’ve created is another version of a job
  • They’ve taken a career break, they couldn’t carry on in their corporate lives, they’ve left London, they were broken and they are healing but they know they cannot go back to the way things were
  • They are a new start-up and they’re floundering – HELP!
  • They are parents and need work to be flexible around the children for the next few years
  • They had a life crisis – financial or emotional – and now they are starting over
  • They’ve been freelance for quite a long time but need to find ways to stop exchanging time for money
  • They are struggling with lack of self-belief – why would anyone buy their service?
  • They keep changing their mind about what they want to do and need my help in picking The One or The One For Now
  • Their launch period is getting longer and longer and longer because they are icky about selling and asking for the business
  • They are overwhelmed by how much there is to learn and do and they feel they need to know it all before they can get going
  • Life keeps getting in the way – family, partner, kids, moving house, travelling, emotions, relationships, bereavement, health
  • They don’t believe in their own offer
  • They are confused about who they are, they are exploring who they are and reinventing themselves
  • They have financial blocks to abundance, they are out of flow
  • They know there is a better way to earn a living, they just haven’t found it yet
  • They are isolated and lonely – no-one said it was going to be so scary!
  • They need focus, accountability, feedback and support
  • They want someone to believe in them and make it feel real – or tell them the cold, hard truth if its a no-goer
  • They want to learn small business marketing
  • They are ambitious and want acceleration
  • They choose to have someone to bounce ideas off, like a business partner, like the team at their old day job, they miss that
  • We’ve worked together before and they know I’m just the right person to help them again now as they embrace a new direction with their business
  • They want to belong to the communities I create because their friends are already clients and demonstrating enviable results
  • They want to work smarter this time around, they are exhausted by all their mistakes
  • They are excited by the possibilities and want to share that with someone who sees it too, and get a reality check
  • We’ve met or spoken and enjoyed a meeting of minds, created rapport
  • They have an intuitive sense that I can help them, they don’t know what it is yet, or how, but they can’t shake it so they are following their nudge
  • They want to pick my brains
  • They believe in coaching and mentoring as a route to achievement and success
  • They want to calm down and get some discipline around their wild and boundless creativity
  • They want to make a business out of their brilliant ideas
  • They are sick and tired of going it alone

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

What’s your reason for working with a coach or mentor in your own small business? Do share.

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