Can You Create A Business Doing Only What You Love?

Things To DoI am always very interested in my clients’ weekly check-in reports, specifically in what gets done and what remains undone, especially those tricky or challenging items which get stuck there, week after week.

Last week in the UK was the 31st January tax return submission deadline. Every one of my clients who intended to get that done last week succeeded. Why? Easy! Because there was:

  1. A deadline and
  2. A penalty (£100 for non submission on time)

A deadline is the single most useful thing for getting things done. A penalty is even better.

So here’s my first thought for you. How can you create a deadline and a penalty yourself for something which is likely to remain on your To Do list forever without those two levers?

And here’s another thought which I am finding altogether more compelling…

How can we build a business just doing the things we want to do? Now there’s an exciting thought! It’s never occurred to me before because I am a rather disciplined person who tends to get done what she sets her mind to. But it isn’t the same for my clients and I like to go looking for solutions for them.

Sometimes it’s because they set unrealistic expectations about what a busy person can get done in just seven days. And I can calm them down from that place and applaud what they did do which I believe is a nourishing foundation for growth. But today I am interested in strategies for getting those sticky chores off the list, done and dusted.

Do we have to do everything ourselves? Well, much has been made of outsourcing. OK, it’s a dull jargon-y word which just means paying for someone else to do jobs for you and I’m all for it. But that isn’t what I’m thinking today either. Outsourcing works. Swaps work.

But what sort of a business could we create if we decided only to do the things we want to do? Would it be lop-sided? Would it be bonkers? Or might it just work?

I have a sneaking suspicion that it might. Fancy having a go?


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3 Responses to “Can You Create A Business Doing Only What You Love?”

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  1. jenny says:

    Judith, great post! ‘if you can’t love the one you want, love the one you’re with’ come to my mind. I am finding untapped reserves of delight in doing things that previously might have been ‘not what I do’ but am extending myself to build a stronger business and that might be a good way to think about only doing the things you love…

  2. Judith Morgan says:

    Good strategy, Sarah. I am thinking of things which we have on our To Do list which could go undone forever and it might not make a ha’porth of difference! I suspect no-one would notice most of it. Worth testing. It doesn’t apply to book-keeping/accounts, no. Find a way to love that or that’s one for someone else deffo. So easy to do these days if you switch everything (payments, invoices etc) to digital. But then I don’t need to tell you that, IT wizard that you are (were?).

  3. Sarah says:

    I love the idea of only doing what we love, and without outsourcing it there are still things that are never likely to be on my personal love list, like book keeping and accounts for one (or is that two?). Is it possible to have a business without these admin-y type tasks? I suspect not, so am always looking for ways to make them into something that I love, or at least can move up from dislike!