Can’t Get Your Invoices Paid? Podcast Ep 150

Today Nicola and I are celebrating our 150th show – woohoo! Who knew two Creators had the stickability to last that long at anything?

And it’s a week of celebrations all round, the first anniversary of my new(ish) low-carb lifestyle with more than five stone gone forever and not missed. It is also Nicola’s 56th birthday AND there’s Big Fun in Stoupa this Friday night in the shape of a three village Greek dance-off celebrating 100 years since Nikos Kazantzakis, the author of Zorba the Greek alongside may other impressive achievements, took up residence on Kalogria Beach. At this point, I go off into a lot of lovely B&W film-related memories, fabulous film, and a fabulous book which I immediately added to my Amazon wishlist, and made a mental note to revisit the film at the next opportunity. Don’t miss either or both if you are not familiar with the story, it is a classic.

In other news, Client Challenge of the Week is about cash flow difficulties arising from it being hard sometimes to get your invoices paid. We’ve been here before and it is something I address also in my forthcoming book, and it is the very reason why I sold my accounting business in 1997. Debt collecting is horrid, and we debate some tips for making it less so. Asking for money is something most of us don’t like very much and it can bring up some difficult feelings. We hope that our discussion and our thoughts and tips will make it easier for you to get your head around what you need to do to minimise this happening in your own biz.

LISTEN HERE TO EPISODE 150 of OWN IT! THE PODCAST – What To Do When You Can’t Get Paid

Nicola’s been interviewed on a podcast and edited down to a pithy 5 minutes. She’s had a consultancy enquiry and her first ever client who came JUST from the podcast, after having been a listener for two years. Note clients how long this CAN take! I’ve been doing a PWYW with a chap who’s been a client for 13 years and am fascinated by some stats from Forbes about how many people are planning to open up their own home-based businesses in the next 5 years. How do they know??

Our Words of the Week are Trust (me) and Evoke/Evocation (her). Our podcast download figures are strongly up (still) on the three-month curve, averaging over 200 downloads on the day we go live each week (Friday). Nicola fills us in on Kate’s success, Kate being her client who is the subject of her 12 week Be Everywhere Online Challenge, where it’s Week 3.

I am a bit behind with the editing on my book due to an evil backache which is stopping me sitting in my office chair for more than about 50% of each day. I have to ration that time for when I MUST sit there to be with clients and on the podcast, writing my newsletter etc. But the pain is easing and I am reasonably confident I shall be back on track soon, not least because a Pilates ball is on its way and also a mechanism for my desk which means I shall be able to stand up to work if I want to. I never thought I would do either of those things, but pain will move a girl in all sorts of new directions.

Nicola continues to be stimulated by Write Club and they have challenged her to turn up to the next meeting with something on paper for her novel, she’s a bit daunted but has a sci-fi story in mind. I describe the amazing stoicism and optimism being shown by the residents of my dream island in the Caribbean, after having been so devastated by Hurricane Irma. I am moved to tears discussing the plight of people I know losing everything they own except what they stand up in. Fortunately, they are safe and well and have been airlifted to Guadeloupe. But how do you begin your life over after you lose everything? And would you re-build it where you lost it? Fascinating, perhaps, to consider from the relative comfort and safety of our own homes, but I am thankful it is not my life challenge right now.

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