Caribbean Christmans 9 – Coconut Shrimp & Frozen Cocktails

A quiet day at home by – and in – our own pool.   It’s small but perfectly formed and although it doesnt get the sun all day, it gets more than enough in these somewhat fierce sun conditions and it overlooks the lagoon.   The lapping of the water just over our terrace is the most wonderfully relaxing sound I can think of.

I promise I will eventually get around to getting my camera out of the safe and taking some photos to share with readers – soon.

I was able to finish my second novel, a Jodi Piccoult, and start the uber holiday page-turner, a John Grisham.   I’m saving my improving literature for later in the holiday!

We are going out for coconut shrimp tonight and our first frozen cocktail, neither of us are big drinkers, and hoping to re-visit Lee’s Roadside Grill which we enjoyed more than once on our previous trip.

Following goings on this evening remotely as SCD and XF grind to their inevitable conclusions.   I follow the former and N the latter and we are keen to make sure you get it right in our absence.   Somewhat shocked to realise that XF have managed to spread the proceedings across two evenings?

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  1. Nicola says:

    Although there is a big talent hole where Danyl should be, Stacie shaped up well with Michael Buble, while Olly’s duet with Robbie was just like two blokes down the pub! George Michael and Joe went well but good as Joe is, I just can’t warm to him while Olly’s funky “Superstition” was utterly brilliant. We are still voting for Olly chez Cairncross, but we miss Danyl.

    Oh and I’ve been sucked into watching Strictly and even googled to see if Ricky & Nat were having an affair, their dance was SO passionate! Delighted to find out they are! But how painful for the ex to get dumped after two years then have weeks of Strictly to watch? Poor girl.

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