Caribbean Christmas 11: My Holiday Wardrobe

I don’t know what came over me this time with the packing.   Despite admonishing N not to pack too much and hers weighed in at about 11 kilos, I went completely – and uncharacteristically- over the top and my luggage weighted in at about 28 kilos.

In my defence, I looked at my suitcase after I had packed it and thought “if I can live out of that for a month, what the hell else is all this stuff for around the flat?”

And also, in my defence again, I am here for a MONTH and I did bring about a dozen books, and one of them was a hardback!

AND I had packed my Swimfloat, whereas Nicola carried hers as hand baggage.

But, Gentle Reader, there’s no way around this admission, I have packed FAR TOO MUCH.   I don’t know what I was thinking.   We have the full American efficient combo of washing machine and fabulous dryer and I could have got away with less than half of what I brought.

But the tragedy is that my favourite holiday things are stuggling to cope.   I have this beautiful pareo which is full of my favourite holiday colours – pink, orange, and turqoise and I flatter myself that I look elegant in it despite the fact that it is alternately known round here as “that rag” or “blank”.   Today we discovered it had a hole in it.   I almost cried.   There are so many beautiful holiday memories tied up in that rag, I couldnt bear for her to die.   Not now. Not ever.

My holiday nightie is also in the same state of holeyness, and bears some gorgeous little stitches of mine (school needlework prize 1972) when I mended it on holiday in France in 1992, yes, you heard that right!   1992.

And my pink swimming costume is sagging a bit and could use a stitch also.

If I were in England, and I had a sewing machine, I would do that thing which old ladies used to do with sheets, cut them in half and sew them back together again so that the edges are now the new middle and that would sort out blank and she would live on for another decade of sunshine fun to come.

Happily, thanks to @AnnHarrison and Lands’ End, I have a couple of new holiday favourites – my gorgeous sleeveless pink T-shirt which is soft (softness being an essential quality of all favourite, fading clothing items) and my new holiday shoes which I admire like a little girl every day I wear them: “I love my new trekkers!”

I have always wanted a pair of those quite sad shoes which everyone wears on holiday – they are all straps and look very sensible and indeed they are but boy, are they ugly!  And girly?   No, they are not girly.   But my new Lands’ End trekkers manage to be all those things and pink & girly too and I just love them.  

Things come and go and we must ease our attachment to those precious items which fade away and sometimes get “donated” (for which read left behind) to where we are staying, and yet, all the while, we are forming new attachments.

Life’s ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

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