Caribbean Christmas 12: That Cappuccino Moment

Happy Kingdom Day!   It’s a bank holiday today in Paradise, but how can we tell?   It’s been a holiday for us every day since we arrived on 3rd December.

We went on an early-ish croissant run to TBSITW, only to hit the Simpson Bay bridge opening at 9.30.   This is a wonderful way to while away a few moments in the traffic if you are close enough to see the yachts sail through and today we were.

All manner of craft take the opportunity to come through into the enclosed and safe harbour and nestle up alongside the super yachts.   One Trident today was an absolute monster, literally breath-taking, jaw-dropping.

We took our books to breakfast today because TBSITW also has a fabulous rear terrace where you can watch the little tender boats, the outboard motors, come to fetch the French sticks and stop for a cappuccino while they are there. So today we stayed a little longer, in the fabulous breeze, alongisde Simpson Bay Yacht Club which has some pretty nice homes and rental properties in it.

Watching the water is hypnotic and endlessly fascinating.   Even as we are sitting still and resting, holidaying, the real world is buzzing about us, doing the jobs which need doing.   But I notice that the heat forces them to take life just a tad easier than I do at home, taking the time to stop for that cappuccino for instance, and sitting down to enjoy it rather than taking it on the run.  

The former is living in the moment, the latter is feeding a caffeine habit.   I know which I prefer. Let’s hope I can bring that wisdom home with me and live it.   Of such moments is a life made, a life worth living.

Today we brought home from the patisserie a beautiful individual lemon tart to share.   It was decorated with a little fringe of meringue, a slice of lime, a chocolate stick and a grape and that sounds a lot, but it wasn’t.   It was perfect.   We shared it this afternoon at the pool.   We are in Patisserie Heaven.

We are grateful to have this new laptop with us on holiday as we can look up EVERYTHING; we havent, however, been able to find out much about Kingdom Day, except that the Dutch side of the island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and today we appear to be celebrating that.   Bring it on!

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