Caribbean Christmas 14: Our Pinel Island Paraside Revisited

What took us so long to go back to Paradise?

  • I wanted time to acclimatise as being exposed in the sun all day on a beach can be a red hot experience.
  • The drive is a hot and long one from here and the traffic is often quite bad
  • It seemed easier to do other things closer to home.

And then we gave up with the excuses and just went to Pinel Island, scene of our favourite experience last time we were here in St Martin.   We left home at 8.30 and were on the first boat to the island at 9.30.   They have built a third bar/restaurant there since our last visit and the little beach island is “crowded”, the busiest place we have seen in two weeks with oh, one hundred or so people on the beach, I guess.

We spent the day with an Austrian girl who we met on the boat on the way over, she’s off to New York tomorrow.   And sat next to a French family with two tiny daughters in water wings, called Violette and Lucie, the daughters that is, not the water wings.   I find I can speak childish French.

We had lunch – crayfish lobster – at Karibuni and I asked the waiter “is this the best restaurant table in the world?” of our waters’ edge seat, tall chairs, umbrella.   He said, “yes, it is” before bringing us delicious hot food and frozen drinks with a devilishly handsome smile, before hopping onto his boat to bring in people from the yachts for their lunch too.

I went shopping and bought at least one replacement pareo for the best beloved one which is (not) going home.   Two are pink (natch) and the third is black with enormous pink flowers and Pinel Island written on it, tastefully.   It could be worn, or framed.

And then we caught the 3 p.m. boat home, island time.   Alongside a group from Philadelphia, a city we have visited – and loved – twice.   All the streets in Philly are named after trees and we tried to remember which one our friends’ house was on and had a good laugh about that.   They had also been to Cornwall, scene of other happy holidays for us also.   Small world.

Then we returned home via the ice-cream shop which used to belong to Ivan, we have yet to visit him at his new restaurant and felt somewhat disloyal to him although we will be able to report that the French lady who bought his shop is still doing justice to his legacy, especially vanilla and chocolate.

And now that we have remembered the way and why we love it so much, we shall return to our Pinel Island Paradise again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.   Because its perfect in every way.

I have had the photo of Pinel I took on my phone set as the background on it since we were last here in 2006, so I can revisit Pinel whenever I want.      I often have it as my desktop background too so its no surprise we have manifested it again.

I must find out if I can go on Xmas Day!   I realised as soon as I set foot on the white sand and spent the day floating in the clear, clear sea that I am very deeply happy and relaxed on Pinel, my best beach in the world.   And there’s almost nothing I can think of which I would prefer to give myself for Christmas.

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