Caribbean Christmas 16: The Language of the Bip

As we drive along here in our holiday rental car, there is constantly a chorus of horns beeping.   But they don’t so much as honk or beep as we are used to in the UK; they are a rather more light touch, a bip if you will.

It would seem that people bip for any and all reasons.   To say hello, or goodbye.   To ask if they can come across or to let you out.   To tell a friend they are passing by.   To proposition you.   And more.

At first this was somewhat frightening.   “Who’s honking at me now and why?”  We assumed we were doing something wrong in our driving.   But no.   It was just the drivers having a friendly chat with one another.   On the move!

I have yet to hear a bip used in anger or warning, though I dont rule it out.   Just lucky I guess.

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