Caribbean Christmas 19-25: Seriously Chilled

Where did it go, that last week? I honestly meant to blog every day but a whole week just got away from me! I have no excuses now except to say I am getting seriously chilled after more than three weeks off work and without the usual Xmas hurdles to negotiate, thanks to being in the sun.   The less you do, it seems, the less you can do.

Life has settled into a daily routine here. Is that an accident or do I choose routine?   Up early-ish with the dawn, sit quietly for a bit and catch up with overnight emails. Thankfully their number has been dropping during the last week.

Then we pop into town for breakfast plus coffee or juice and a nice peaceful sit, watching the water, before we crack on with our day, either a little supermarket shopping and go back home to our own pool, or off to the beach at Pinel which involves catching a little boat across the water.   Its a distance which looks close enough to swim, but isnt.    And there’s a fabulous service provided every day of the year the tourists want to go, including Christmas Day.

I did think about going to the beach on Christmas Day, something I have done before many times, but this year it wasn’t possible as we had the mother and father of all thunderstorms which also took out our TV signal.   Since my travelling companion has now returned to her family in the UK, this would have been somewhat challenging were it not for my trusty laptop on which I can watch DVDs.

I was given two DVDs for Christmas, Rob Brydon and Michael McIntyre, and in the event I had to watch both of them on the actual day.   Since then, the sun has returned and so I am out of the house again whilst solidly working my way through my hosts’ DVD collection in the evenings, which is rather like being in a book club in that you watch stuff you wouldn’t normally choose.   Yesterday Firewall with Harrison Ford which was rather long and a bit scary and Flicka which was about horses but did have the rather splendid Maria Bello in it so worth seeing through to the end.

We caught Georgy Clooney at the movies in Up In The Air just before N left.   She can’t bear GC, doesn’t think he can act and doesn’t appear susceptible to his charms.   It thought the film rather good and suspect the book is probably even better, judging from the quirkily philosophical voice-over.   Anyone read it?

My best read of the holiday so far has been Chris Evans’ autobiography from which I learned a lot about how I propose to run my 2010; highly recommended and I have told him so on Twitter.   My best fiction read has been over 600 pages of American Wife by Curtis Suttenfeld who, despite her name, is a woman.   I dont know that I would ever have time for a 600 page novel were I not on a long holiday.   A very rewarding read, one of those I didnt want to end.

In all the Christmas messages I received from home it seems everyone had a heroic journey in the snow to get to their final destination.   My brother and his family going to South Africa had their first flight to Paris cancelled by Air France by email (!) and took up the challenge to try and make their connection by Eurostar; apparently they were on the last train out before the failures so they were really, really lucky though had to battle their way through plenty of chaos, including Air France summarily cancelling their onward flight because they had chosen not to put on their first one.

And plenty of other friends landing in strange places.   I hope you all got to your intended destinations in time?

My thoughts are now almost turning to coming home on Thursday/Friday, to Mitsy the cat who has been in kennels for nearly a month, to the mountain of post and stored up pieces of work which I have filed in two files on my computer called Jobs for January and Printing in January!   Thank Heavens for my trusty laptop which has saved the day on more than one occasion.   Perhaps the best facility of all is being able to look up the answer to any mystery which occurs – we simply have that power at our fingertips.

And, of course, once I lost my TV signal, I can keep myself amused with my laptop too.   Indispensable, even with a host of novels at hand.

Life here is a lesson in living in the moment in that I get up every day without much of an agenda except getting clean, feeding and watering myself, resting, relaxing, reading, swimming, sunning and writing this blog.   I wonder how I fit in so much else when at home though most of those tasks simply go out the window.   I hope I can bring home that sense of living in the moment, though I know I am not very good at that once re- immersed in my work.   I wonder about making a resolution around that.

I see a whole year ahead of us and am somewhat surprised that it is 2010 already.   I remember the Millennium Eve and the Y2K bug threat as if it were yesterday.   I remember my Mum and three friends came to stay in my flat in the Docklands and we watched all the wonderful fireworks as well as the Queen going by on a boat to the ill-fated Dome.   2010 will be five years since my Mother died, it will be my youngest nephew’s 18th birthday and my 55th.

Tempus Fugit.   Time waits for no man.   Better make some good plans over the next week to make the best of 2010 and beyond so that I can spend more time being seriously chilled and living in the moment in parts of the world such as this with weather and a lifestyle I enjoy.

In the unlikely event its another week before I write, fingers crossed, Happy New Year!

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  1. Jane Lewis says:

    Love that job title – financial intuitive! Can you think of one for me….
    And happy inbetween Xmas and new year.

  2. It’s lovely reading about your christmas holiday. It certainly feels as though 2009 has rushed by in a flash ~ another reason to prepare for and decide how to really live in 2010! I hope you arrive home feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world again ~ have a very happy new year. Love & best wishes, Heather xxx

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