Caribbean Christmas 29: These I Have Loved

Getting up every morning to sunshine, the sheer reliability of it.

My swimfloat in our private pool, reading and sunning while keeping cool.

Fantastic lobster, croissants, crayfish, barbecued and grilled meat from Argentina and Venezuela the like of which we never see in UK supermarkets.

Cheap petrol.

An automatic car again – hooray.

Lots of sleep, opportunities to snooze and do nothing.

My new laptop.

Films and books and lots of time to enjoy them and lots more time besides to just look at the views of waving palm trees and water.

Friendship and laughter, home-baked brownies and cookies.

French food and all that brings with it, care and attention to your extreme dining pleasure and earthly delights.

Being able to wear my summer clothes every day and them being pink, pink, pink.

My new trekkers (pink) and my new pareos (pink).

A fabulous combo of US washing machine and drier which means you can turn around your favourite clothes and wear them again within seconds with no effort.   Which means I didnt need to bring nearly as much stuff as I did!

Pinel Island and the little boat trip across there and the posse of boatmen who make that possible and fun and safe.

The Daily Herald, Oprah & Dr Phil.

The pool guy, Jenny the cleaner the Bob the miracle worker.

Cloudless blue skies.

The lagoon, peaceful outside our windows, meditative.

The yachts and superyachts moored in Simpson Bay.

The turquoise water of the Caribbean.

Karibuni on Pinel, Karakter beach bar and the lovely people who own and run it.

Fabulous vanilla ice-cream.

Watching the planes land over the sea.

The SOC burger at Bonita’s Cantina – shall I have one for lunch today?

Air conditioning when needed.

Cats and dogs sleeping in the shade under parked cars.

The shady terrace for breakfast out the back of the Sucriere, the Best Shop In The World.

Caribbean Cinemas.

Top Carrot juices and warm muffins.

The lobster and croissant diet for which I will pay when I get back home.

The fact that the two things the car hire company will have to clear out of my car when I return it are sand and pastry flakes from breakfast on the move on the way up to a day at Pinel.

The new US market.


Tropical rain, big rain, all over quickly, refreshing us and watering the plants, cleaning the car.

The fact that I forgot to pack my hairbrush and havent used one or a hairdryer for a month and no-one notices or cares.

The winds which cool the island and make the 27 degrees just lovely.

Uncle Harry’s – a new find.   Was he here before and we just didn’t notice?

Frozen drinks, haven’t had nearly enough of those!

Not being new, knowing my way around and re-discovering and enjoying old favourites while adding one or two new ones to the list for next time.

Finding Ivan and enjoying his new gaff, Mooi, despite the fact that Bono, Beyonce and Jack Nicholson were not in when we visited!

Having stayed on the ocean last time and the lagoon this time and now being totally undecided about which is best. Is it possible to live here and overlook the ocean at the front and the lagoon to the rear?   If so, where?

The fact that in this heat you can’t do as much and that’s entirely as it should be, forcing you (well me, really) to SLOW DOWN.

Time to think, have fun and enjoy life.

Being able to get some of my thoughts down in this blog and not really doing  a good job and knowing that and having to content myself with it, thus learning to live with my own humanity.

Re-creating a blogging habit which I cant wait to continue back home.

Reading, writing, and swimming – my three favourite things of all time.   Any day in which I get to do one is nice, any day in which I get to do all three is fabulous, and a month in which I get to do most of them most days is a blessing.

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