Caribbean Christmas 30: Travelling Hopefully

I’m coming home today and that’s a phrase full of mixed emotions.  

Once the day of my flight dawns, I’m keen to get the travelling over with especially considering how fraught with difficulties that can be in this day and age.   Now that I am up early and enjoying the dawn, I wish I could just rock up at the airport and get on with it.   But my flight doesn’t take off until 1700.   So what to do with my last few hours?

I’m excited to be coming home, being reunited with Mitsy and all that is familiar to me, all that I call “home”.

But I am sad to be leaving my second home, my island paradise.

So, after a month here experimenting with the idea of living here, at least part-time, what’s the verdict?   I definitely think I could live here for say 3-6 months at a time, out of hurricane season.   The weather is a worry; yesterday’s paper was full of seawater flooding low-lying parts of the island and talk of tidal surges and holidaymakers getting stranded in boats and having to jettison their luggage and swim for it!

I must say I would have to have my back against the wall to jettison my luggage but I suppose when it comes to it, its the least of one’s concerns when you fear for your life.

I don’t know that I would ever get over feeling strange and foreign but people do, of course.   I wonder how long that takes before they stop treating you like a holidaymaker?   I’ve enjoyed a month here which is much longer than most holidaymakers do and people are recognising me, smiling and talking to me like an old hand now but I’m still not a local, never would be.

I think if I were to send 3-6 months here – or anywhere – I would need to have a project to sustain me, like trading FX or writing a book.   I would need to be able to set up a real office not perching on the side of a coffee table!   I would definitely need faster broadband and first off I would need to find out how fast that needs to be to be able to watch videos like YouTube online and I would need to subscribe to something which allows me to watch BBC iPlayer online, assuming that broadband speed can be achieved.

How fast does it need to be, anyone know?   Or is it about bandwidth, or what?

What have I missed from home?   Not much, to be honest with you except that sense of home.   A holiday is quite unreal and that’s precisely as it should be and my home away from home never feels like home exactly, does that make sense?

I tell you what I won’t miss from here – again, not much.   But cockroaches (seen two really big ones), bugs in my kitchen (yuk!) and being plagued by mozzies.   Generally that wasn’t me but my travel companion, but yesterday one really determined one pursued me and spoiled my last afternoon in the sun.   Bar steward.

The main thing I will miss, of course, is the weather.   If I could transport the weather from here home with me, I would be in heaven, heaven, heaven.

I am looking forward to my return trip because I shelled out for business class in Air France and that enables me to lie flat, my first ever experience of that.   Last time I paid for business class, the seats were comfy but they didnt recline all the way.   To travel in comfort is at least one of the compensations for the long journey.

Robert Louis Stevenson said “to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive” and RLS, I know where you are coming from, but I travel hopefully and I anticipate arrival being fabulous too.   What you believe, you achieve.

Now all I need to do is find a way to fill the 10 hours between now and departure, three of them in the departures lounge.   Still, here comes the sun and breakfast beckons.   I think I will go out for it.  

See you on the other side.

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