Caribbean Christmas (4): A Hot Front

We still havent adapted to the time difference so we are up very early and going to bed early too.   We are moving it about an hour a day but no sooner have we got up than we are nodding off.   My head is too heavy to hold up, as is my book.   Consequently I am not making any progress with polishing off Twilight.   And I really want to finish it so I can move onto something more compelling.   Sorry, Clare.

We didnt go out to breakfast today and had lunch by the pool but are planning to make an outing for supper.   I am not sure that I am right about this yet, but I dont think dining out is significantly more expensive round here.  But it could be less dangerous – I cut my finger and thumb with a sharp knife while making a tomato salad for lunch.   Hospitalisation not required.

Living on the lagoon is a lot more peaceful than overlooking the sea where we were last time.   Although generally I do prefer the ocean, this water is very peaceful, even though there are lots of folks messing about in boats out there, speedboats mainly.   I dont think its tidal even though the bay bridge raises every day to allow the yachts and superyachts into the marina and so the two waters do merge.

A couple more days of acclimatisation to the time difference and the sun and we should be ready to hit our favourite beach at Islet Pinel even though its a schlep from here, its the best.

Suntan update: Not a good look so far – blotchy red, mixed and matched with nasty, angry mozzie bites.   We really should stay in, actually, rather than inflict that on the good folks of SXM.

Funniest line of the first few days (which can also be sung to the Kings of Leon tune): “Ohhh, my t*ts are on fire!”

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