Caribbean Christmas (5): A Dining Find and A New Friend

Having a snoop around the SXM restaurant review websites, we come across one we haven’t tried before and rock up on a rainy Sunday night, in the middle of the New York Giants -v- Dallas Cowboys game, unbeknownst to us.   The Giants won, which seemed to please everyone who cared in the bar.

The restaurant of our choice was Bonita’s Cantina, on the site of the old Ric’s Place.   Ric is still around apparently but he is the previous owner but one.   The current owners who only opened a scant two months ago are Bonnie & Bryan.   We went for the ribs which N duly had. I went off piste and didnt regret it with a fabulous burger.   What was apparent with both choices is that Bonita’s have sourced a supplier of really top notch quality meat.

We will return again not just for the food but for the welcome.   Bryan tried (and failed) to tempt us with his home-made apple pie, we were too full.   But he took us out to the terrace to point out the superyachts in the marina, and talk about living in Gypsy Hill just down the road from N, his London neighbour of 6.5 years.   Who knew?

Bonita’s website goes live soon.   They are doing several things right – the good food, the welcome, the cleanliness, the spaciousness, good barman, the marketing (already highly visible on the web) with a nice plan for social networking online by getting you to take a photo of yourselves at their place and putting it on their site, linking it to yours etc.   We shall return to do that.

Bryan pointed out the yachts of Microsoft’s co-founder, Paul Allen, of Judge Judy, Oprah and the man who owns Victoria’s Secret amongst other businesses.   One of those businesses was called Limited and his boat is called Limitless. Nice.   I love the idea of being limitless.

Bryan also offered us a full English but we havent flown all those miles to a French paradise to eat bacon and eggs, not in that format anyway.   But how kind!

I seem to have a way with the restaurateurs here; they can’t afford me but they want to talk to me. They can’t possibly know how much I know about what it takes to be successful in the restaurant business but I love hearing their brave tales all the same.

Still no sign of Ivan.

My mozzie bites are subsiding, N’s getting worse.   We have taken on a bit of colour, enough not to be too shamed when we go out and about but not what you could call an all-over tan yet.   We have scoped out a good, local beach.   We vacated the pad this morning for the cleaner who was a no show and we are off to the cinema and out for supper.   We are going to watch a movie we wouldn’t be seen dead watching in London but hey, isnt that what holidays are all about?

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