Caribbean Christmas (7): Cops & Visions on The Beach

Well, we have been here a week now.   Time flies in paradise.   Today I considered we were acclimatised sufficiently to make it to the beach and we rocked up, as planned, at the Karakter Beach Bar & Lounge where we were welcomed kindly.

We discovered the first ever beach bar I have liked.   Karakter is laid back.   It plays nice music which enhances the beach experience, a delicate call that one.   They serve great food and drinks.   They have lovely, smiley, can-do staff and lots of beautiful dogs who lie sleeping in the shade of the beach umbrellas.

The wind was up and consequently the sea was too rough for us to swim.   The sea even came up the beach and threatened to take away our shoes, a kind lady had to life-save one of N’s Crocs before it was washed away.

We met a foursome from Cincinatti and one of the two guys bought a bucket of 6 beers at $12 which I thought was an absolute bargain, which he later confirmed.   He and his colleague and their two wives have been coming to St Martin for over a decade and are all here now celebrating their 50th birthdays, all of them looking great on it.   They taught me how to save $1,000 on such a trip.

We compared notes on my favourite island and were often in consensus.   We were able to tip them off to Bonita’s Cantina and they were at pains to let us know about All You Can Eat Ribs at the Lady C.   The two guys are in law enforcement which I thought was really cool!   It felt like being in a TV cop show.   I asked them had they ever witnessed any crime on the island and the answer was very reassuring.

We only did the morning at the beach because it was very hot and our pool is so gorgeous at 1.30.   But we will definitely return to Karakter which has showers, toilets, WiFi and is positioned adjacent to the runway at the airport (PJIA).   Being near the airport doesnt sound much fun does it?   But that’s anything but true.   Not only is the landing the most spectactular I’ve ever seen, over the sea, but very few big planes come in and all the tiny puddle-jumpers are fascinating.   I like to watch the Jet Set come and go from Anguilla and St Barths.   I would go to both of those islands were it not for a 2nd change of plane here in St Martin.   A journey too far.   As yet.

Karakter serves drinks and food from a fabulous old bus with lots of windows and you can sit up to the bus and eat and drink or sit in a shady garden or on the hot beach.   They have jazz evenings on Fridays, the jury’s out on whether we will do that tomorrow.   And they have super T-shirts which say “dont miss the bus”.  

We caught the bus and loved it.   And from the bus, on Simpson Bay, I can see the next holiday home I want to rent and next door to that, the first home on SXM I want to own.

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