Caribbean Christmas 8: A Day In The Shade

We took a day out of the sun today, having been slightly frightened yesterday about what we were doing to our skin.   So instead we went out to breakfast, followed by a little bit of shopping, a cappuccino in French capital of Marigot, overlooking the Marina.

We drove around a bit and had a late lunch back with Bryan & Bonnie, did some baking and BBQ-ing back at home later in the day.

We had a laugh at our favourite juice bar, chock full of ippy-dippy gifts which I love a good mooch through.   N said of the joss sticks “let’s get out of here, this smell is clashing with my Tom Ford”!

We were recognised by two local restaurateurs today so we are famous after only a week.   That was nice and felt comfortable and easy. And bodes well – for their businesses, for our holiday and for my living here dream.

WE FOUND IVAN!   The lady from the Pizza Galley knows where he has gone.   She was able to tell us what the French lady who bought Ivan’s gelateria was not.   Where he is… and we are going to scope that out over the weekend.

And we heard by email from the creator of the lovely i-sxm website, he is a 33 year old Italian who has worked for Google.   How exciting is that?   Following up with him to find out more about his new business venture.

Excitement of the week: Oasis of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship, docked in Philipsburg SXM for the first time, during her maiden voyage.   She has a capacity of over 6,000 passengers and they have to shut Front Street to cope with the sheer number of passengers disembarking for the day.  

This has been a great coup for the island of Sint Maarten and achieved loads of press coverage.   She’s back next week on Wednesday, the day after local bank holiday called Kingdom Day, and we thought we might pop into town for a quick look at that one.   A photo in the local paper shows her as bigger than three more normal-sized ships!   And IMHO they are already somewhat obscene.   However, the cruise industry is vital to the local community and so that deserves a looksee from us.

I am chuffed to see options to buy property advertised in the local paper with vendor finance and share that with our Money Gym Rent2Own group.

I discover that I am unable to see all my bank accounts and credit card details which I so carefully set up on before I left home, specifically for that purpose, because I have moved to a new laptop.   Doh.   I will now have to guess how much I owe who and when before I get home if it is not to adversely affect my credit rating.

Paperback count – a rather dismal less than 2 – one wonders what on earth we are doing all day except killing mozzies?

And finally today’s tan update: over-baked.

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