Cashflow Game: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Twenty Eight

Play and Learn with Cashflow 101I’ve just been down the garden shed to lay out the Cashflow game for today’s Financial Coaching day in which I teach the principles of money and abundance and much more besides, using the fabulous tool that is Rich Dad’s board game, Cashflow 101.

An abundance of five lovely strangers are coming to play with me, men and women I’ve never met before in the flesh. I’ve met them in the 30 Day Challenge because they are the Lucky Winners who won their game today for taking early action and securing the first few tickets as they went on sale.

Abundance in the game takes many forms:

  • The abundance of opportunities which do – or do not – come your way. Often your choice. Open yourself up to receive opportunities and all your good.
  • An abundance of help and collaboration and co-operation from your fellow players, unless you are determined to Go It Alone (the hard way) which I will discourage at every turn
  • The abundance of Doodads (opportunities to ‘waste’ your money and miss a chance and lose time)
  • An abundance of chances to learn how to throw a dice, yes really!
  • And abundance of opportunities to work out what you want
  • And abundance of ways in which to notice that the Universe has got your back and you cannot fail
  • And abundance of opportunities to realise how your way with money is less broken than you think
  • An abundance of chances to appreciate that you are far better at maths than you give yourself credit for

Frankly this list barely scratches the surface. There’s an abundance of time and opportunity to recognise an infinite number of thoughts and feelings which are unique to each player.

I say it every time, but this is the best and most powerful work I do and if you’d like to come along and join in, there’s an abundance of dates between now and November as follows:

If you are not in any of those programmes, do not worry. Just alert me to the fact that you’d like to attend and I will put you on the reserve list.

To your abundance!

Your Biz Your Way

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