Your Vital Thing

An Hour a Day for You

For the longest time, my MO was to hope there would be some time left over for me once I’d taken care of the needs of all the others. And remember…I don’t even have kids or a significant other! Once all my clients’ accounting needs were met, the in-tray low, the inbox zero, the staff fed, watered and paid, and everyone was month-ended and invoiced and debt collected, there might be time for me to do something for me. Then I woke up and realised that if I left me to the end, there would never be any room for […]

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Recruiting, Training and Managing Freelancers: Podcast Ep 210

Today’s focus is an IRL one. Nicola’s trusted techie VA, her sister Sarah, is moving on to pastures new which means Nicola is thinking about recruiting, training and managing a freelancer or a couple of them to replace the work that Sarah does in different areas of Nicola’s work, including our podcast. So we have a long debate in which we fossick about in the question and try to find some answers. Happily, by the end of our discussion, Nicola feels better about the whole prospect and is able to go off with a couple of tasks to move the […]

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How to Change from One Business Career to Another


How do you change from one business career to another? That was a question which came my way last week. Since I’ve done that, from small business accountant to entrepreneur coach, I thought I’d tell you how I did it. In 1977 I accidentally started my own accountancy business. I sold it twenty years later in 1997. I’d had enough of it by then. I am a starter, not a manager, and I was ready for a new opportunity. I’d already diversified into owning a travel agency and I managed to dispose of both businesses at the same time. I […]

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The Difference Between a Coach and a Mentor

What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor? This is a question asked last week on Facebook by a client/colleague. It is a very long time since I did my coach training in 2002 but I seem to remember that we took a lot of inspiration from Carl Jung who believed that all the answers are inside each of us. He said: “Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” Coaches believe the answers are all inside, and our goal is to ask you a […]

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2019: Planning for a New Year – Podcast Ep #209

Happy New Year

Today Nicola and I got together to record our first show for 2019 and our focus of the week is about our own plans and intentions for the new year that is 2019. How do you do that? What’s your process? There’s a lot of talk at this time of year about the best way to do that and I am always on the lookout for new ways. Nicola shares her three-point plan and I share the two resources I am using to plan my year. More about that here too: Planning My 2019 Intentions. LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! […]

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Planning My 2019 Intentions

What we think we need, what we really want

Every year I cast about for the perfect way of planning my 2019 Intentions. Here are the three I’ve discovered for use this year. What we “think” we need v what we really want. I find this very compelling. It’s another version of shoulds v wants. I don’t do shoulds or New Year Resolutions. Resolutions? Non merci. I do want comfort in the body I have, to fully accept and trust myself, to have self-compassion, self-care and freedom. And how fascinating to be reminded that those in the first column do not lead to those in the second. This resonates hugely […]

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My 2018 in Feels

This is the companion piece I promised when I wrote My 2018 in Numbers. I think it will be shorter* because I have already written up my biggest feel earlier in the year in a Facebook post called This Impressionable Townie which I shared in my newsletter too. My swirling emotions when I think back over my year are all about: Falling in love again with the English countryside in our best summer in recent memory Visiting what was my grandparents’ farm in Dorset, see photo Re-connecting with friends and family in Somerset and Dorset I moved from Kent to […]

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Friendship and Why It Hurts Sometimes: Podcast Ep 208

The topic for today’s podcast, our last before Christmas, was sent in by a listener with whom I had this conversation in advance of the show: Her: Something I’ve been pondering a lot this year is the nature of friendships. How they change over time, those that last, those that don’t, is it me or is it them… Lots of memes about being true to who you are but then people don’t always like that and it can be quite a lonely place, for a time at least. There have been a number of instances over the last few years, […]

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My 2018 in Numbers

My 2018 in numbers

You can take the girl out of accounting, but not vice versa. So here is my 2018 reflected in numbers. Look out for another post which I plan to call My 2018 in Feels. Numbers are only one way to measure a year and probably the last one I’d recommend for you, unless (like me) you just can’t help yourself! *** 1 Book published and 32 Amazon reviews achieved, one for Kindle UK, 25 for Amazon UK paperback and 6 for Amazon USA. 1 Creating the Impossible Michael Neill Challenge completed in the first 90 days of the year 171 […]

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Buying Anything for No Money Down: Podcast Ep 207

Nicola has a hankering to buy a business. I suggested she might consider doing that with no money down. She’s bought a property using those principles way back when she acquired her B&B The Acacia in Worthing in the early Noughties. And I sold my accountancy business on that basis in the late Nineties. We’ve both studied property lease options with Rick Otton so we are familiar with the principles but we describe them as a refresher for us and to give the listeners a lead in. Nicola asks why would any seller consider it and what should she look […]

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