Making a Living in Your Dream Business: Podcast Ep 213

Today we take as the topic for our radio show What to Do When the Product is you, or how to make a living in your dream business. This came about when a client said to me (as they so often do) “Of course, what I really want to do is X…” after he’d spent a long time trying to persuade me of three more “sensible and realistic” ideas, none of which were lighting my candle or his. Why do we doubt ourselves when the product is us? Whether a chef, a coach, a writer, an artist or a musician, […]

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I AM Healed, I AM Healed, I AM Perfect Health

Wayne Dyer was prolific in his lifetime. The Hay House website says that he wrote over 40 books, 21 of which became New York Times bestsellers. “He created numerous audio programs and videos and appeared on thousands of radio and television shows.” I saw him speak live many times. He was funny and clever. I always felt quite a bond with him because he told a story in one of his talks I attended about his alcoholism and regular readers may know my family has an issue with addiction. As he tells the story, he made up his mind to quit […]

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How Do You Hire a Coach? Podcast Ep 212

How do you hire a coach? That’s the topic of today’s podcast. Nicola and I debate how we do it, then we talk about how we think our clients do it and realise we have no idea! So then we have a think about how we’d like them to do it. Nicola’s first coach was a woman who she still rates and respects today, but mostly her choices have been men and we both agree we want someone who has achieved what we want in our own lives so that we can pick their brains. Nicola wants clients to hire […]

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How to Be a Professional Blogger: Podcast Ep 211

On today’s show, we talk about how to become a professional blogger because Nicola’s sister Sarah has plans to do that and I always have half a mind to go that route too. Imagine being paid to blog! How wonderful would that be? I’d love it and so would Sarah, but are we up for all that’s involved? I think I (but not Sarah) would fall at the tech hurdle; I’ve already published 1450 blog posts but I cannot be bothered most of the time with Nicola’s best tips, or not all of them at least: “Each of your post […]

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My Three Favourite Astrologers

Sally Kirkman, Astrologer

Sally Kirkman is the first of my three favourite astrologers. Full disclosure: Sally is a client, and she has taught me to appreciate so much about astrology I didn’t know before. Pre Sally, I used to flirt with my horoscopes in magazines and newspapers, and enjoy them if they were good and ignore them if they were bad and forget about either sort immediately. What I appreciate about Sally’s work is her writing. She writes really well and if she were writing about any topic she’d be worth reading.  She also has a monthly podcast she co-creates with her friend […]

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Your Vital Thing

An Hour a Day for You

For the longest time, my MO was to hope there would be some time left over for me once I’d taken care of the needs of all the others. And remember…I don’t even have kids or a significant other! Once all my clients’ accounting needs were met, the in-tray low, the inbox zero, the staff fed, watered and paid, and everyone was month-ended and invoiced and debt collected, there might be time for me to do something for me. Then I woke up and realised that if I left me to the end, there would never be any room for […]

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Recruiting, Training and Managing Freelancers: Podcast Ep 210

Today’s focus is an IRL one. Nicola’s trusted techie VA, her sister Sarah, is moving on to pastures new which means Nicola is thinking about recruiting, training and managing a freelancer or a couple of them to replace the work that Sarah does in different areas of Nicola’s work, including our podcast. So we have a long debate in which we fossick about in the question and try to find some answers. Happily, by the end of our discussion, Nicola feels better about the whole prospect and is able to go off with a couple of tasks to move the […]

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How to Change from One Business Career to Another


How do you change from one business career to another? That was a question which came my way last week. Since I’ve done that, from small business accountant to entrepreneur coach, I thought I’d tell you how I did it. In 1977 I accidentally started my own accountancy business. I sold it twenty years later in 1997. I’d had enough of it by then. I am a starter, not a manager, and I was ready for a new opportunity. I’d already diversified into owning a travel agency and I managed to dispose of both businesses at the same time. I […]

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The Difference Between a Coach and a Mentor

What’s the difference between a coach and a mentor? This is a question asked last week on Facebook by a client/colleague. It is a very long time since I did my coach training in 2002 but I seem to remember that we took a lot of inspiration from Carl Jung who believed that all the answers are inside each of us. He said: “Your vision will only become clear when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens.” Coaches believe the answers are all inside, and our goal is to ask you a […]

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2019: Planning for a New Year – Podcast Ep #209

Happy New Year

Today Nicola and I got together to record our first show for 2019 and our focus of the week is about our own plans and intentions for the new year that is 2019. How do you do that? What’s your process? There’s a lot of talk at this time of year about the best way to do that and I am always on the lookout for new ways. Nicola shares her three-point plan and I share the two resources I am using to plan my year. More about that here too: Planning My 2019 Intentions. LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! […]

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