Paula Gardner on Chaos Theory: Podcast Ep 202

Paula Gardner

Today we feature one of our listener guests. It’s Paula Gardner who Nicola and I know from way back when she was a PR. Like me being an accountant, I suspect you can never get the PR out of the girl but these days she’s a Business Psychologist and she tells us the story of how a random date challenged her to pursue her childhood dream of studying to get an MA in Business Psychology, a story she told on my blog too. Paula talks to us about Chaos Theory which leads on to a discussion of Happenstance Theory too. […]

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Why Won’t Entrepreneurs Follow a System? Podcast Ep 201

This week it is my turn to bring the focus of the week and it is this: Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying? I am thinking particularly of those of us (and I include Nicola and myself in here) who buy systems and processes and proven formulae and then deviate from them, believing it is somehow different for us? Should Entrepreneurs ever bother to buy another’s system if we are not going to follow it? Why do we buy solutions and then deviate from them and blame what we have bought when the problem begins and ends with us? Self-sabotage by […]

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Celebrating our 200th Podcast: Own It! Ep 200

200th Podcast Show

Today we celebrate our 200th podcast. Wow! Where did four years of our lives go? We invite our listeners to send in their thoughts and congratulations in little audio snippets and we insert them all into the show itself. In rather bonkers a fashion, as is our wont, we try to cram in a show round those too. Nicola tells me about her trip to the Apple store in Kalamata, the busy one, to try and get Sarah’s laptop fixed. Meanwhile, they are sharing which for a couple of digital nomads is quite a tall order. She updates me on […]

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Law of Attraction Part 2 – Podcast Ep 199

Law of Attraction

In today’s radio show, Nicola and I revisit the topic of the Law of Attraction. Last time we discussed this it was so rich that we decided to call episode 172 part 1 and revisit it one day. That day is today. In advance of the show, we’d had a preparatory exchange via PM on Facebook. Sometimes we do that about topics we plan to discuss. During that research I listened to part 1 again and told Nicola: “It is really interesting but hardly about LoA at all, more about how successful people think and what daily practices they follow […]

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Marketing to a Proven Formula: Podcast Ep #198

What do you do when you notice what everyone else is doing in marketing but you don’t it? One of our regular and most loyal listeners offered us this challenge for the focus of today’s show: “I’ve begun to notice that the majority of ads that get presented to me on YT are people talking all about how crap their life was, how they woke up after watching an ad “just like this one” and now have a life of financial and time freedom and are so happy in x,y, and z with bells on, and “if you sign up […]

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Surprising Your Clients: Podcast Ep 197

Richard Pettitt

Today on Own It! the Podcast our listener guest is cartoonist Richard Pettitt who talks to us about surprising your clients. Richard is an artist and he tells us that Morning Pages reminded him how much he loves to make people laugh with his jokes, videos and webcomics Oojo and Bink, Drizzle Cake and Think v Say. I’m a big fan of Richard and he made me a lovely cartoon of myself which I use on Facebook, see below. We talk about keeping things light, and he reminds us of the value and fun of surprising your clients. LISTEN HERE […]

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Growing Your Business: Podcast Ep 196

When’s a good time to be growing your business? What might prompt that? How will you create a reliable supportive team? Are you a good manager? Today’s focus of Own It! the Podcast is Should I Grow My Business and it is prompted by Nicola having thoughts along these lines herself. We’ve both been there before, we’ve even done it together, and I doubt I will ever go there again but you never know. Nicola is feeling the possibility that she might need to grow a small 2-person team to meet commitments to current and future clients and her sister […]

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Mental Health and Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: Podcast Ep 195

For the first time in 195 shows, I am stumped for answers as Nicola decides that mental health will be our topic of the week, and I realise I know little or nothing about the Black Dog, or insufficient to be of any value at any rate. In our preparation for the show, we discuss Amy Winehouse, Steve Bartlett, Avicii, and Elon Musk and I have opinions to share about all of them, but no real answers. Both Nicola and I have known very dark times as entrepreneurs but neither of us has struggled with the sort of darkness which […]

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List Segmentation, Dos and Don’ts: Podcast Ep 194

Today we debate the topic of segmentation in your email newsletter. Do you or don’t you? I don’t. Nicola mainly doesn’t either and we discuss the useful feedback I received from a newsletter reader suggesting I should consider it. I ran it past Nicola at my reader’s suggestion and I was glad to have the opportunity to review the business decisions I had already made for myself and have those reinforced by this exercise. Of course, this may depend upon what you do for a living. And what sort of a marketer you are. And what your business does too. […]

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What’s Small About My Business?

When Barbara Winter shared this Seth Godin quote on Facebook, I knew my clients would love it. I also knew which of my clients would love it especially and I wasn’t disappointed. I thought “Oh, I’ll share that in my newsletter this week”. And here it is. What’s Small About My business? Headcount Overheads Outside influence Ambition (long since satisfied) Stresses and Strains Procrastination Perfectionism Comparisonitis What’s small and beautiful about your business? What’s Big About My Business? Creativity Thinking Heart Love Humour Dreams Duty of care to my clients Vision Variety Inspiration Time off Efficiency Planning ahead Self-care Respect […]

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