2019: Planning for a New Year – Podcast Ep #209

Happy New Year

Today Nicola and I got together to record our first show for 2019 and our focus of the week is about our own plans and intentions for the new year that is 2019. How do you do that? What’s your process? There’s a lot of talk at this time of year about the best way to do that and I am always on the lookout for new ways. Nicola shares her three-point plan and I share the two resources I am using to plan my year. More about that here too: Planning My 2019 Intentions. LISTEN HERE TO OWN IT! […]

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Friendship and Why It Hurts Sometimes: Podcast Ep 208

The topic for today’s podcast, our last before Christmas, was sent in by a listener with whom I had this conversation in advance of the show: Her: Something I’ve been pondering a lot this year is the nature of friendships. How they change over time, those that last, those that don’t, is it me or is it them… Lots of memes about being true to who you are but then people don’t always like that and it can be quite a lonely place, for a time at least. There have been a number of instances over the last few years, […]

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Buying Anything for No Money Down: Podcast Ep 207

Nicola has a hankering to buy a business. I suggested she might consider doing that with no money down. She’s bought a property using those principles way back when she acquired her B&B The Acacia in Worthing in the early Noughties. And I sold my accountancy business on that basis in the late Nineties. We’ve both studied property lease options with Rick Otton so we are familiar with the principles but we describe them as a refresher for us and to give the listeners a lead in. Nicola asks why would any seller consider it and what should she look […]

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Podcasting from Scratch: Rhys Morgan – Podcast Ep 206

Rhys Morgan

Rhys Morgan (no relation) is our guest today on Own It! the Podcast and he talks about podcasting from scratch with his own show which is called Social Good. Rhys is an interesting man; he’s a former vicar, a recovering alcoholic with five years sober and his day job is in a treatment centre. He waxes lyrical about a love of radio from a young boy and talks about how he noticed that both his father and his son shared a love of podcasts which tipped him to the fact that there was something to this, even across three generations. […]

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Are You Addicted to Busyness? Podcast Ep 205

Show me your schedule and i'll show you your values - Robin Sharma

The focus for today’s show was first prompted by this lovely thought from Robin Sharma: “Show Me Your Schedule and I’ll Show You Your Values”. Eek! What does my schedule say about me? Nicola and I both looked at our diaries during the show and decided whether the reflection was flattering or not. Do they show the old version of how we liked to see ourselves, as efficient businesswomen, instead of our newly emerging focus on thinking (me) and creative writing (her). Our theme was further prompted by an article on BigThink.com which explains that being busy is killing our […]

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Is the Internet a Force for Good or Evil? Podcast Ep 204

In today’s show, Nicola and I debate whether or not the internet and social media combine to be a force for good or evil. Nicola believes the internet is what you choose it to be and votes good at 90%. I am more unusually downbeat and my percentage is closer to 50/50 or even 60/40 with evil winning out. Certainly what Mr Berners Lee had in mind when he gifted it to the world was not a profit centre for some of the most powerful companies in the world, more a way for the global village to connect in good […]

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Securing Your Financial Future as Self-Employed: Podcast Ep 203

Following on from last week’s show where I explained a pensioner wasn’t an old stranger somewhere decades off in our future, it was – in fact – a person just like me who’s had six years of her financial security stolen from her by the Government, what steps can we take to secure our own financial futures in the face of ongoing “austerity”? What can self-employed people do to provide for themselves when just treading water can sometimes feel almost impossible? We discuss savings, investments, pensions, creating and selling a real-world business, passive income and recurring income models. We review […]

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Paula Gardner on Chaos Theory: Podcast Ep 202

Paula Gardner

Today we feature one of our listener guests. It’s Paula Gardner who Nicola and I know from way back when she was a PR. Like me being an accountant, I suspect you can never get the PR out of the girl but these days she’s a Business Psychologist and she tells us the story of how a random date challenged her to pursue her childhood dream of studying to get an MA in Business Psychology, a story she told on my blog too. Paula talks to us about Chaos Theory which leads on to a discussion of Happenstance Theory too. […]

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Why Won’t Entrepreneurs Follow a System? Podcast Ep 201

This week it is my turn to bring the focus of the week and it is this: Why Are Entrepreneurs So Annoying? I am thinking particularly of those of us (and I include Nicola and myself in here) who buy systems and processes and proven formulae and then deviate from them, believing it is somehow different for us? Should Entrepreneurs ever bother to buy another’s system if we are not going to follow it? Why do we buy solutions and then deviate from them and blame what we have bought when the problem begins and ends with us? Self-sabotage by […]

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Celebrating our 200th Podcast: Own It! Ep 200

200th Podcast Show

Today we celebrate our 200th podcast. Wow! Where did four years of our lives go? We invite our listeners to send in their thoughts and congratulations in little audio snippets and we insert them all into the show itself. In rather bonkers a fashion, as is our wont, we try to cram in a show round those too. Nicola tells me about her trip to the Apple store in Kalamata, the busy one, to try and get Sarah’s laptop fixed. Meanwhile, they are sharing which for a couple of digital nomads is quite a tall order. She updates me on […]

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