Reasons to Celebrate: 31 Days of Abundance, Day Eight

Colorful ConfettiI have many reasons to celebrate in my life, an abundance thereof. I was much more of a one for a party when I was younger. I don’t remember whether or not I had an 18th, but I definitely had a 21st and quite a significant 30th which lasted about a week as I recall. I skipped 40, it was a miserable year but my 41st was a good one, life had turned around so soon already. My 50th was the party to end all parties. And next year I’m 60. Who knows what life has in store for my celebration of that? Yee ha!

But there are many more reasons to celebrate- and better ones too – than just having another birthday or hitting a milestone year.

1. I have a lively mind and a fast brain. I think this must mean I had a decent education (everything’s relative) despite very little to show for it. I celebrate particularly that this gave me an enduring love for reading which has led to desire to write, a discipline to which I now commit every day of my life. I love figuring things out for people and brainstorming solutions. I like to understand how things come to be, how they work, not like an engineer but just enough to be able to follow a bit of logic to an Aha. Not being able to do that leaves me shaking my head in wonder and not always good wonder at that. I like my loops to resolve.

2. I have a strong constitution and wonderful good health. How lucky am I? I think this must stem from my parents not really being the sort who believed in being poorly, consequently there was no profit in it for us kids. It was a sign of weakness and so we are simply never ill, or very rarely indeed. I think it is hard for me to be ill now because no-one ever said “there, there” and encouraged me to go to bed and brought me treats on a tray, Lucozade and a lightly boiled egg and buttered soldiers, that sort of thing. No ministering angels in the Morgan household. You were just the weakest link and ignored until you resumed normal behaviour and reported again, fit for duty. Great training, of a sort. Invaluable if you are self-employed. It’s a double edged sword but generally I am happy about this one, hence the celebration. I don’t believe in doctors except in matters of life and death. I’ve nothing against doctors, I am pleased they exist and happy they don’t get my business.

3. GSOH. Love a good laugh, me.

4. I’m never bored. Never. This is quite weird. I don’t even remember being bored as a child, though I must have been. Perhaps it was all those books I dived into as a teenager. Nowadays it’s thinking time. I like lots and lots and lots of peaceful time to think, so that good thoughts can bubble up and I can be aware of my own inner mental, spiritual and emotional workings and have time to contemplate the challenges of my colleagues and clients so that I may help them wherever possible. I could stand to be bored a lot more actually, I just don’t see it ever happening and if you lived in my brain (see 1) you’d know why.

5. People. I am a great people magnet. I know lots of fascinating people who do really interesting things. Again this is born of decades working with entrepreneurs. Often I know the very person with the knowledge or skillset you or I need right this red hot second to help and advise us resolve a problem. I have a rolodex to die for, though of course I wouldn’t use something so low tech to file their contact details.

What FIVE reasons do you have in your life to celebrate today? And do you? Do you take the time to count your blessings? May I recommend a cup of tea and half an hour to list your reasons to be cheerful? Go on, you’ll be glad you did. When you go looking for abundance to celebrate, you’ll discover that’s all there is.


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