Celebrating our 200th Podcast: Own It! Ep 200

Today we celebrate our 200th podcast. Wow! Where did four years of our lives go?

We invite our listeners to send in their thoughts and congratulations in little audio snippets and we insert them all into the show itself. In rather bonkers a fashion, as is our wont, we try to cram in a show round those too.

Nicola tells me about her trip to the Apple store in Kalamata, the busy one, to try and get Sarah’s laptop fixed. Meanwhile, they are sharing which for a couple of digital nomads is quite a tall order. She updates me on the Mani LitFest, the Arts and Crafts Fair at the garden in Pefko Taverna and her continued attempts to help Elias with Booking.com.

I tell her about a visit from Lotte, finding a way to easily and legally dispose of my printer and a thing I have noticed about my new clients coming to me cold via SEO instead of the warmer route which is more usual. I am just noticing for now, it may be a flook or it may be a pattern. Let’s see.

Our respective fires are fuelled by Nicola finding a way to bring her vzine back via YouTube instead of Facebook and she explains what prompted that and how it solves a problem for her. And I tell her about my sessions with a lady who dowses for me using her crystal.

I am thrilled that Alice, Allison, Amanda, Chloe, Irene, Jo, Jenny, the other Jo and the other Amanda, Jacqueline, Karen, Margaret, Rhian, Riana, Richard, Tom, Sarah, Andrea, Susan, Sabine, Cath, Danielle, Claire, Clare, Jane, Lisa, Liz and Michi all send their vocal best wishes and are featured in our 200th show by way of encouragement to keep on going and congratulation for our 200 shows we’ve already created. I am most definitely encouraged and heartened by their kind words. It is wonderful to know that people are listening to us from all around the world including Oman, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Europe and Africa and we know people download our show in over 100 countries.

LISTEN TO THEM HERE IN OWN IT! The Podcast’s 200th show: Celebrating Our 200th episode

Our words of the week are Clairsentience (mine) and Expectations (hers).

In project updates, I explain that we have recently re-opened our own website instead of re-directing it to Radio Public. Nicola and Sarah took on that task and when I went to have a look at their handiwork, I discovered three more Patreons than the only one I thought we had so I take this opportunity to thank Richard, Esther, Irene and Kristina. If you would like to support our next 200 episodes, you can do that HERE. The few dollars we receive each month are very useful and go towards defraying part of our broadcasting expenses.

And finally we are inspired and impressed by the lovely experience of customer service and natural selling at the Apple story in Kalamata (Nicola) and I am impressing myself right now in an exceptionally busy period on my work and life when I move house three times in a fortnight!

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