Celebrating Own It! the Podcast’s 100th Episode

microphone-1172260_640Who knows when creative people start something how long it will last?

Today both Nicola and I are celebrating our podcast – Own It! Your Business AND Your Life – lasting for 100 episodes which is the best part of two years as we started in December 2014. Who knew? Certainly not us! And there have certainly been bumps along the way, but we’ve survived and thrived.

And now it occurs to me that our podcast is a mini-biz, certainly a business asset which it is our opportunity as loving parents to continue to nurture and grow.

So that’s our Client Challenge of the Week – our own. What have we learned from working together again over 100 shows? What would we change and improve in the future? What are our stats? What are our intentions? What are we most proud of and what threatens the future of the podcast between now and episode 200?

In other news, our words of the week are Usury and Confidence. We talk about birthdays, mirrored sunglasses (my must-have after X-Factor Judges’ Houses) and our favourite books of the week – Natasha Courtenay-Smith’s The Million Dollar Blog and Alan Weiss’ Value-Based Fees.

I’m still in London but distancing myself from the eventual outcome of the will it/won’t it sell saga, and Nicola’s found some new membership site software and is launching the Swagger & Soul podcast with her sister Sarah about their impending Greek adventure.

I describe my fascination with the programmes on BBC2 about health without drugs and without following the received wisdom of NHS dietary doctrines – Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs, and The Retreat, all still available as at air date for 7-12 days. An honourable mention must also go to Fat v Carbs with Jamie Owen, all part of this suite of progs.

If you like audio and nearly ad-free radio, you’ll love Own It! And if you are already a listener, do please help us double our audience by introducing our weekly show to one entrepreneurial friend. Thank you. We love and appreciate you very much for your loyalty. What would a podcast be without our gentle listeners? Listen here to episode 100.


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