Certainty and Wisdom

Thank you to all those who wrote in after last week’s newsletter. You make my day when you do that. It is the way to this writer’s heart.

Thanks to Katherine who sent me this photo. You can find more of her cross stitch patterns featuring quirky quotes and beautiful word clouds at her Etsy shop KeenStitch.

Liz and I had an exchange of emails as we are wont to do, always a meeting of minds. And words.

And Sarah, who is a client who gives me the BEST testimonials, sent in another one. Let me be clear… it isn’t that Sarah’s testimonials are better than anyone else’s necessarily, it is just that Sarah is so good at sending positive vibes whenever she thinks of it, and isn’t that precisely what I’ve been trying to say all day? If in doubt do something which makes another human being feel better about themselves, either accidentally or on purpose.

Thank you to Sarah for saying

“THAT’s why I have you as my coach, and I like hearing you in conversation on the podcast or a coaching call with someone else; you know what you think about ANY given topic. As a client, that’s what I need – certainty and wisdom. When I speak to people about you, I often say that because you have 40 years in business, that is gold for me. There are no situations in business you haven’t come across.” 

What lovely things have you got going on? Please write and tell me. You can either simply hit reply to this email if you received it in your inbox or if you are reading it online try this which is the contact form at my website. We’ll be trading lovely words and thoughts in just a moment from now.

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