Changes: Getting On Yer Bike In A Following Wind

Sailing-Navigational-ToolsChanges: Getting on yer bike in a following wind. I realise I am mixing my sporting metaphors in that headline. Let me see if I can do justice to what I’m thinking and feeling today.

As a wealth coach and business mentor and accountant, I have worked with people and their small businesses and their money (or lack of it) for a very long time now. At times, it seems to me that there is almost nothing as painful for a lot of us to be dealing with than our money. It’s inextricably bound up with our emotions and to make more is a matter of first unpicking all the complex stuff we have attached to it over the years, both to having too much and having too little, surfeit and scarcity.

And you’d think, wouldn’t you, that difficult financial times like these would mean that what is already tricky is even harder? Well, I would anyway. And do you know what? I’d be dang wrong! Instead, adversity seems to be bringing out the best in us.

And I can tell you excitedly that this is what I see. People getting on their bikes and making a success of their lives. Out of necessity yes, maybe with a little fear snapping at their heels, but they are embracing all sorts of solutions and reinventing themselves and I, for one, am really proud of you if you recognise yourself (or your potential for change) in any of these stories.

People are emigrating, moving from Ireland to England, moving from the UK to Australia and the States, to pastures new and to places where opportunities are opening up for them. Some of these people are those I’ve observed being powerless to move for a time, where there appeared to be no obvious solution. And yet they didn’t let it get them down forever. They got stuck in and made their own new luck and – hey presto – it worked. Something shifted, the following wind of which I speak perhaps, and they are packing up and setting off with optimism in their hearts and early reports are good. May that wind be always at your back, me hearties!

People in debt are making horrid choices between a rock and a hard place and then – ta da – finding the help they need and reporting back, in relief, that their new life is even enjoyable in its new challenges.

People are getting J-O-Bs! Entrepreneurs of my acquaintance who have struggled to secure a sustainable income as self-employed have accepted lucrative full-time creative opportunities partnering with others in their ventures for a change and finding the rest from all the decision-making a relief, not to mention the guaranteed pay check at the end of the month. It’s relaxing to have both of those be someone else’s responsibility for a while.

People are taking one or even two part-time jobs to pay their bills and be in financial integrity and finding the joy in those jobs even though they often be either menial, or below their pay grade or far beneath their abilities. It’s all in the mindset you choose to adopt. Frankly anyone might choose to be grateful for a job which took care of their basic needs in dignity, don’t you think? And there’s nothing more dignified than a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s labour.

People I know are leaving marriages and others are getting back together again in a triumph of optimism over experience. Good on you – new women of strength and old(er) women with hearts a-fire!

People are starting businesses with (or without) new business partners they hardly know and embracing the learning of new stuff, enough to scare the knickers off them. And others are selling their businesses to try their hand at something new and more creative, long overdue, stepping into their magnificence at last.

People are receiving abundance from hitherto unforeseen sources allowing them to do things beyond their wildest dreams like pay down debt or make new investment and life choices.


You couldn’t make this up. I am constantly and happily amazed by the gob-smacking news I near from y’all – occasionally I get the odd direct message which begins “Are you sitting down?” People have the capacity to change, shapeshift, adopt new viewpoints, complicate their lives, de-clutter their lives, move on, reinvent themselves, see the upside and all the jewels in the kaleidoscope’s pretty window. I must say I find it infinitely inspiring, surprising and delightful.

So what’s the message? Never give up, even if (especially if?) things seem hopeless for a while. Life’s a cycle and we are either at the bottom, on the way up, at the top, or on the way back round again. Ch-ch-ch-changes is just the way it is, the way we live our lives, entirely normal, good for us, life-affirming, flex-requiring and – well – just grand.

God speed to all of you. You have my admiration and my slightly wistful envy. Everything changes, all the time. Nothing stays the same. Must be my turn next, then? Time to step out of observer role and get on my bike too. Now, where’s that wind?

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