Changing My Beliefs

Woman looking into distance whilst thinkingOne of the things I’ve always historically believed in all my life is hard work. It pretty much always worked for me in the past, certainly in the first half of my career. But if I’m honest, it doesn’t really cut the mustard anymore. I’ve found better, easier ways. So I’m choosing a better belief. Everything I want comes to me easily and effortlessly, and I am available to serve. And then I follow my inner guidance and see where that leads.

Until yesterday I used to believe that coaching was a luxury. But together with a client or two (both of whom just happen to be coaches) we’ve decided that’s not true either. It may be reality for some, but not for the majority of our clients who prioritise investing in themselves and find a way to pay for everything they desire. We are desirable.

I’ve been conditioned to believe in selling with scarcity, but I don’t believe in lack. Abundance is my choice. Who are they kidding? When I hear someone telling me that there are only so many of anything I think “Yeah, right” knowing perfectly well that if I hold out my credit card, a place will magically appear; everyone knows that now, the secret’s out and your inauthenticity is leaking most unattractively. Recently I managed to convince a brilliant internet marketing colleague that although his resource was finite, it isn’t scarce. He has a quota, that’s all, and when it’s gone, it’s gone, and that’s the God’s honest truth. There’s a difference which I hope will affect his marketing in all good ways and speak to a whole new audience. There is more than enough of everything in this world so that all may have plenty. Anything else is just a lie. I choose to stop buying into the lies or to have any part of perpetrating the great lie of scarcity.

I’m changing my beliefs all the time. And the first step in doing that is examining the ones I currently hold, and being prepared to put them all under scrutiny. I’m giving my brain a workout and that’s good for my neuro plasticity.

What beliefs are overdue for review in your world?

And what would it suit you better to believe from today onwards?

Your Biz Your Way

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