Cheap or Reassuringly Expensive: Podcast Ep 191

Today we are offered a real-life challenge from a listener:

“I am a very techy VA and I keep hearing everyone (including Nicola on the podcast) talking about outsourcing to people overseas for $10 an hour.  I am based in the UK and charge more than that per hour but I’m much more efficient and so much faster, as I know the various software inside out, I know about internet marketing, websites, direct response copywriting, funnel strategy, so I bring much more to the table in terms of what I can do, not to mention troubleshooting, using my initiative and my ability to see future implications of client actions etc. How do I get across the value and compete in this environment?”

Nicola and I both have thoughts we hope will be useful for the techy VA.

  1. When I outsource I always pay professionals their more expensive hourly rate. I don’t want to have to source and train someone who charges $10 an hour, I haven’t got time for that.
  2. I would very definitely be confident of the value I offer, more professional, more efficient and faster, just as I was when I was an accountant, knowing that anyone who wants cheap isn’t my ideal client.
  3. I also don’t think of anything in the entrepreneurial service sector ever as being about competition.

Nicola talks about demonstrating your value and the different ways to do that, offering Matt Duggan as a good example of one who does that using FB Lives.

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In other news, Nicola has a doggie houseguest called Wilfred Owen, and I have an unscheduled Monday off due to a mystery internet outage across all networks, as yet unexplained and still sometimes a bit patchy.

Our Fires Are Fuelled by me starting with 11 inductions (and counting) in the July 2018 Low-Carb Pilot. Still room if you want to join before the end of the month. Nicola is moved and totes emosh about a client we both share and who we have both known for a very long time; we helped her to become financially free in the Money Gym and now she has hired Nicola as her marketing partner as she emerges in a personal development niche which she dominates in the UK.

Our Words of the Week are Patience (hers) and Choice (mine).

There’s podcast news in Project Updates, each new show getting more than 200 downloads now on the day of launch where it used to be 150. And I’ve booked in my first Conversation after a lot of encouragement from newsletter readers on my theme of de-niching.

And finally we are impressed by Penny Power, Profit First, today’s TUT message and Gertrude Bell, Queen of the Desert.

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