Check the Performance of your Pensions and Investments

 Relax I received a phone call from an old friend and colleague last week.   He’s now part of an IFA which will check your pension policies and investments in such instruments as PEPs, ISAs, unit trusts, bonds and oiks (OEICS, not I dont know what they are either) for free.   It’s an independent free review.

If your policies are doing great, they will tell you so and you can put the paperwork back in the file and relax.

If they are not doing so great, they will give you some advice about what to do about it, that’s also free – they make money if you purchase on the basis of their free advice but my mate Duncan is such a gent, I am sure there is no pressure to buy anything at all unless you appreciate their advice and are in the market for some such.

There’s a nifty little video on their site which tells you all about it – click this link to watch:

PolicyCheck your Pensions & Investments

Co-incidentally, I fished out my own pensions file last week and found two languishing in there – Norwich Union and AXA.   I updated my address and asked for printouts of the current situation and now I’m going to get policycheck to advise me what’s the best thing to do with them both.

Often the best ideas are the simplest.

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