Cheryl: Good, Practical and Supportive Business Advice

Miss Joyful“Judith is the person you want on your team. From the moment you start the call your goals become her goals.

Figuring out what you want from your business and how to make money from it (or is that just me?) can be a lonely process. You feel uncertain, unclear and unsure whether you have what it takes. This is where Judith shines.

As soon as I started talking to her I felt entirely supported. Her experience and her insight give you strength and her clarity makes you feel that what you want to achieve is entirely doable. Where Judith differs from other coaches is her practicality. As soon as you start talking she asks you about your money goals and then she’s tapping away at her calculator to work out how you’re going to get there. This is not fluffy cheerleading, it’s good, practical and supportive advice. Just what I needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend speaking to Judith. I ended the call with a clear-headed sense of what I need to do to start making money in my business. Time incredibly well spent.” Cheryl Adamson, Make Me Joyful

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