Chloe’s Family Business: Podcast Ep #190

Today our listener-guest is Chloe Constantine who, together with twin sister Pippa Campbell, runs Feet 1st in London and Surrey.

Their 12-year-old business makes castings of children’s and babies feet, and she explains to us why it is a boon she and Pippa are not identical twins, how their husbands get involved when they get home from their day jobs, and how passion and persistence have kept them on track.

Both being mothers, they help their customers make important decisions at that busy time in their lives, a time which they want to commemorate with a casting.

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Nicola’s alone in Stoupa now, certainly as far as her family are concerned, as Sarah and the kids have returned to the UK. I talk to Nicola about football and Wimbledon and, in so doing, surprise us both as generally I am a sport non merci kinda gal.

Our respective fires are fuelled by my considering de-niching having come to the realisation that a conversation is at the heart of all I do and that might be about low-carbing, money (or lack thereof), life or business, whatever a client needs whenever she needs it.

Our words of the week are Gazette (mine) and Adapt (hers).

Project Updates has me talking to Nicola about the launch of my July 2018 pilot low-carb group, 90 Days for £90 and a testimonial and how my week is all about induction calls and (so far)… er, crisps!

Nicola plans to take the summer off from creating her ezine, but not from vertical video on IGTV, learning about YouTube advertising and continuing with her Alexa Daily Tips.

We are impressed by the commitment of those on her 21 Day Challenge and by the rescue team in Thailand who successfully got all 12 boys out of the cave with their teacher at considerable risk to themselves. The did lose a member of their team who made the ultimate sacrifice, their job was very dangerous but the teamwork seems to have been impressive and the results speak for themselves.

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