Choices: What I Am Learning From My August Clients

I’ve been offering myself during August on a new and experimental basis, allowing clients to book themselves into my diary in what is normally my holiday month. 30 minutes on Skype so we can reconnect and I can help them work out a financial issue or two. Some recurring themes have turned up and here’s what I’ve been learning from my clients, for which learning I am very grateful to you all. Thank  you.

  1. What a lot of us have in common right now is how to find a way to express ourselves ever more authentically through our work.  All of my clients have something of value to offer the world, whether it be a product or service. Likely as not that product or service is something we love and we don’t want to compromise that. Whilst not all of those I have spoken to yet have their vision 100% clear, they always know in a heartbeat what feels right and what feels wrong. There hasn’t been anyone in the twenty or so calls I’ve done so far who I’ve thought didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being able to make a business or a bigger business out of the work they brought to me to discuss. Not a one. The only issue I could see was confidence about whether or not the world would want to buy what was on offer and how to price it. Confidence and self-esteem at the root of all that.
  2. There is definitely a reluctance amongst some of the creative types to the selling and the marketing. We’ve gotta find a way round this either to do it ourselves or find someone to do it for us. If you believe that your product of service is of value to the world in one way or another, and you all do and I do too, then you are not doing your market any favours by keeping yourself a secret and thus limiting distribution. The more people who feel your healing hands, or read your words, or use your service the better place our world will be. You know it and I know it. I haven’t had to discourage anyone or even get them to see their offering in a different way. So either you embrace the marketing to the extent that people ask to buy it, or whether you sell it, or whether you find someone or a team to do those things for you, you simply have got to find a way round that perceived logjam. A re-frame is always useful. Just keep your eyes on how many people you can help with what you offer and keep asking yourself questions about how that could be easy.
  3. Do not assume the financial worst. That you won’t qualify for a mortgage or you won’t find a solution to your debts. What you are fearing is probably not the truth, and even if it is then there will be workarounds. There may be a little ego death involved in confessing your financial woes but there will be practical solutions and supportive people there to help you. There will be a mortgage broker or a debt company who offer the solution you need and I probably know who they are. I am struck by how many people I meet who I have known for quite a while who perhaps I may have thought, when we previously spoke, that their financial circumstances were dire. But always something happens eventually which shifts their world. I’ve spoken to people who are in better homes, feeling more secure in every way, have reduced their outgoings dramatically or increased their income, or inherited something which has changed everything for them. Everyday miracles do happen, however bleak circumstances can sometimes seem.
  4. It can be a choice to let go of struggle and anxiety around money, around any area of your life in fact. At some deep level we know we are alright for money and we’ve always been alright for money. Therefore my world view now is that we will always be alright for money. You know it too, I know you do.   If you don’t, then contact me and I will send you some appropriate spiritual and/or business reading to be doing. I may even give you a stiff talking to!

I wrote some notes in my own journal last night about being with and working with clients. My notes say this: “I LOVE my clients and I am open to being guided to being with them in a new abundant way. Clients are BELOVED.”

I have always called my clients Beloved. I have always loved my clients. But a while back, somewhat drained, I thought I had fallen out of love. It wasn’t true, and after a rest and a re-frame of my own, I fell back in love. Can you do that? Fall back in love? I don’t know and I don’t care. I have made that choice and so it is.

What new choice will you make today about your money, your business and all the clients in the world you can help with your product or service?

Your Biz Your Way

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