Choosing Happiness Every Day

One of my CCFs (client/colleague/friends) made an observation in the group I started called I Love My Life. This is a space where we deliberately focus on the good and call magic and miracles into our lives as inspired by various books we’ve read, specifically Pam Grout’s Thank and Grow Rich. In fact, the group was originally called after the Robbie Williams song of the same name.

Whilst inauthenticity is never encouraged, and even within a largely unspoken climate of the challenges we all face in this life, we aim for three things each day which we can celebrate in gratitude, we invoke and invite magic and miracles and we raise our vibe with deliberate intent.

I won’t lie. Sometimes that’s testing. Into every life, a little rain must fall and sometimes for each of us, in turn, it feels like a bloody great deluge. Moaning is not encouraged, but honesty is.

This week my CCF was sharing the elements of her life which were weighing heavy and that caused me to observe: “I don’t think it works out for anyone the way we all thought it would. That’s why XXX XXXXXXX wants to change her life. It won’t be better, you know that already. It will be different. Life isn’t what we all grew up anticipating, it’s all wrong but it is the way it is and we must roll with it, make choices in changed difficult circumstances and choose happiness every day.”

I fully appreciate precisely what a Big Ask that is because I too choose happiness every day in circumstances which are not what I expected nor wanted them to be. I make the best of everything so far as I am able. The focus and support of the group help and make a difference to our reality; this is something we have agreed and been able to somewhat scientifically measure, something I am always keen to do. Once an accountant, presumably?

When you look for things to appreciate, their number appreciates. Life feels better more often, good things happen, and magic and miracles manifest. Celebrating them with – and seeing them happen to and for – others makes us glad and helps us to notice them when they show up in our own lives too, rather than glossing over them or taking them for granted.

Choosing happiness every day takes work and commitment. We have to show up. And even in that “fun” group, that’s no different to anything else we want in this life. For me, they aren’t mutually exclusive – work, commitment and fun. Reading over that sentence again, it seems to me that commitment is key.

There’s many a different way in which the members of ILML play this game or commitment with us, both actively and passively. All that matters is that you have a support system where you can be held accountable if you need that, where you can show up, join in and allow the magic and miracles room to download from divine escrow.

Or, as my clients like to say…”You’ll never guess what…!”

I will. Oh, but I will. I might not say that to your face because that would be smug but the more I do this work, the more I anticipate your surprises. Expect miracles, that’s all I’m saying.

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