It’s Getting a Bit Christmassy Now

Merry Christmas SBBMIt’s getting a bit Christmassy now.

I’ve sent a seasonal message to everyone who was in my business diary this year whether they are (or were) a private client, a member of Small Business Big Magic or Club 100, or they came to the summer AbundanceFest or booked themselves into my diary for an Abundance Call, or a Pay What You Want session or an exploratory chat as one of my Entrepreneurs of the Day.

I’ve written and sent out a quick Christmassy newsletter today inviting anyone who is a bit loose-endish over the next fortnight to hook up for a Skype chat, whether they are contemplating working with me in 2015 (free) or not (Pay What You Want). Gotta fix those up manually so just email me using the Contact page please.

I’ve just taken delivery of my festive groceries for the week from Ocado. Never has £100 worth of luxury items fitted into so few bags! #Singleton

We’ve put to bed the X Factor and Strictly finals and my favourites won both competitions this year and I even voted to ensure they did; haven’t done that for YEARS. Despite what everyone says about being sad when it ends, and despite how much happiness the dancing brings into our lives, I am always relieved when they end as both programmes require such a huge energy and time commitment I am to enjoy them fully. I am looking forward to some dark drama in contrast in January. I think I may be too jaded for XF next year.

My client end of term was last week and a flurry of individual and group calls. I am now taking two weeks off from the computer and catching up with some reading. I am half way through this month’s massive Book Club choice (800+ pages) and am determined to finish that before I allow myself any leisure reading. Note the distinction! Sometimes we challenge ourselves in our Book Club to read something which can feel like work but the reward at the end is well worth it, so I’m going to commit to polishing off the next 400 pages in the next three days so happy reading can begin on Boxing Day with any luck.

One of my main goals over the next couple of weeks and a new habit I want to re-establish is that of single-tasking. I want to break the habit of multi-tasking. I always knew it wasn’t any faster or more efficient and I’ve recently read something which proves the case definitively. I will share that in the New Year in a blog post perhaps.

My headaches of late have started to release themselves over the weekend into some minor cold symptoms, the scourge of the self-employed Christmas break.

I’ve sourced the Christmas quiz for my family for Xmas Day and written them all a poem (!) and I’ve started watching some lovely films on TV. Bliss.

I shall be online each day over the next two weeks but probably only once a day for about an hour to post daily on my blog and keep emails under control. Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me in the usual lickety split timeframe.

What plans do you have? Do share!

Are you feeling Christmassy yet?

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