Chuffed: I Must Be Doing Something Right

As a Creator, I think of myself as someone who doesn’t much care for feedback. I don’t really ask other people what they think of my ideas, I just crack on. But I don’t mind telling you its been lonely and testing at times over the last 18 months while I withdrew from work and took a long, long breather.

Then came the time when it was obvious I would re-emerge without really knowing how I wanted to be with my clients again. Except 100% authentically, which is always a brave and somewhat risky position to adopt and which also brings me plenty of criticism I must also say, in fairness. I feel I have no choice and so have taken what some might consider the brave path; for me it’s the only path.

Authenticity means sometimes sharing some of the deeper parts of yourself, without necessarily knowing how that will go over. Also during that time off I also decided I wanted to start to call myself a writer, and having invented and co-created Entrepreneur Soul with Marion Ryan, I also became accidentally an editor and a publisher. I AM a writer, I’ve always known that at some deep level and it isn’t easy but I do try to hold to my own view that writers are as writers do; we must write.

My navel-gazing during my gap year has involved some deep spiritual work and re-configuration of who I am and as I started to blog this journey the unsolicited feedback started to come in. I’ve read it all, thanked the senders and then deleted it, but tonight I decided I would share it on my blog as a reminder to me of how valuable this journey has been and how happy I am to have supportive colleagues, clients and friends welcoming me back into the world of work with their kind words.

The first of a recent clump of feedback came from Jakki, who started the feedback ball rolling with this:

“I always thought yours and Marion’s writing was good but you both seem to have stepped up a gear recently, can’t put my finger on it but it must be because you are exercising the writing muscle, like the Olympic athletes, you are getting better as a result.”

Then after a webinar I ran this week with Sue Okell of LifeChangeSecrets , we received these lovely testimonials:

“I really enjoyed that Sue, Thank you. A most interesting mix of material and metaphysical /psychological advice. When I read the original info about the webinar I felt it might be an odd transition as we don’t often meet people who have a mind in ‘both camps’ particularly when it comes to finance. But Judith was obviously totally authentic to make it feel so natural. Sound advice, well delivered and well chaired. Thanks again.”

and this:

“A really good webinar, and excellent choice of questions to reflect the underlying issues also of those questions, like mine, that were not selected. A great learning and clarifying event on the touchy money issues. All the best to you and Judith!”

and this:

“‘Just a quick note to thank you and Judith for organising yesterday’s seminar…it left me with both a plan of action and a reminder that I am blessed. I have already put my credit card away, returned to using cash and set up a ‘tub’ of gratitude! I also felt re-energised and more helpful at work today, as a direct result of this positive mindset. You both clearly enjoy your work and make a great team; thanks again for the webinar gift and for giving your time to others.”

And then my lovely, abundant, creative business partner and good friend, Marion, sent me this earlier today:

“Just catching up on JM – you are a writing machine! Not to mention your new pages / navbar. Very inspiring, J.”

And then finally tonight, this from Sally, whose email inspired me to collect all these lovely thoughts here in one blog post for my Testimonials category. Y’all do that on your own blogs, right? If not, jump to it! Let your clients know how good you are. Who’s going to blow your own trumpet, if not you?

“Hi Judith, I had this realisation today whilst surfing Facebook and Twitter that what I love about your blogs is that you show spirituality/gratitude/healing in action. You “do” the work whilst a lot of people talk about it but in a theoretical kind of way and don’t demonstrate it. That’s the difference. It reminds me of my astrology journey. There were a lot of astrology schools that talked about philosophical concepts but what I loved about the Company of Astrologers, where I decided to study, was that they demonstrated astrology in real life. A similar experience. That’s it. All I wanted to say…”

Thank you, all of you. I am blessed to have you in my life, reading my words and cheering me on. Oh, and I nearly forgot! This came in from Anne yesterday, bless you too Anne:

“Judith, read your beautiful blog post this morning (damn you woman, you CAN WRITE!!!)”

Oops, and Tom!

 “I love the way you get on to something and act. It’s naturally why you are ahead and stay ahead of course.”

What we appreciate appreciates, and I appreciate you all tonight – including and especially you, my Gentle Reader.

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