Clarity and Precision Speed Manifestation

My January is beginning to hum along quite nicely now. How’s yours?

It’s the Golden Globes, the BAFTAs and the The Oscars and these award ceremonies are exciting and glamorous. They also allow me to feel relief that my own work isn’t rewarded – or my hopes for a win dashed – quite so publicly. Still, it’s good training isn’t it, just to watch the disappointed display grace?It’s good to be nominated, it’s great to win.

I did have a couple of wins last week myself and a couple of pieces of fabulous feedback, which I’m deciding are quite like my own personal Coaching Oscars.

I got very, very clear about my ideal client and put that up on my website in early January alongside a posting about my intentions for 2012. Almost immediately an ideal client presented herself who will not only be fascinating to work with but she has something to offer me too, a way in which I can achieve one of my own intentions for myself, even before I find out how I may help her.   What abundance!

This caused me to share this swift manifestation with my Woo Woo Group and their appreciative feedback helped me to realise the importance of clarity and precision.

Have you worked out precisely who your ideal client is and communicated that via your own marketing channels? Have you got clear what you want for yourself in 2012 and made that public too?   Or are you hugging your goals close to your chest?   Do they feel that precious or are you ready to set them free on an unsuspecting world, a world where any one of us might help you attain your heart’s desire.

My own experience over and over – for myself and for my clients – is that when we get clear and offer that clarity up to the world, there can be no mistakes or delays. The Big U knows what we want and often this is made manifest with breathtaking speed.

It’s where we are fuzzy that confusion reigns.   A tip for the fuzzy then, work out what you don’t want and let it go. Don’t focus all day long on what you don’t want or more of that is going to show up. That’s how it works.   But identifying and eradicating what you don’t want and releasing it with ease and elegance can be a first step to working out what you do want. That’s how I always used to do it in my fuzzy period, before I became sure of what direction I want my life to take.

I tweak my list of desires often and I make at least one Big Fuss about that annually. January is a good time for the Big Work on my goals and intentions. So’s any day actually, especially a day when it’s rammed home to you again what you don’t want.  Get clear. Ask and It Is Given.

Yesterday I received the 2013 brochure from The World, the luxury ship which can become your luxury residence at sea and it re-kindled in me a lust for something I had put on the back burner perhaps, or allowed to drop down my list. It’s good to have a deliciously fuzzy dream alongside your clear and precise goals.

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