Clarity: The Importance of 100% Clear About What You Want to Manifest

Loose DiamondMy clients who are really good at manifesting remind me every day how this works as I observe their process. It is a two-step thing:

1. Get absolutely 100% clear about what you want. 

This isn’t often as easy as it sounds. Do you know what you want? If you do, write it down. Every day. Visualise yourself enjoying it, see yourself using it, feel the feelings you associate with having what you want. If you realise you don’t have clarity around this, do whatever it takes to get clear. Work with a coach to help you peel away the layers. I’ll help.

No sooner do my clients get clear about what they want than it shows up. It can be as simple as having a conversation (often with me) about the direction they want their lives and businesses to go next. It may be that they articulate out loud or in writing that new direction or they are tweaking their website to reflect it, and hey presto! It is almost that fast, sometimes breathtakingly so. It always seems very fast to the observer. The two instances I am thinking of are less than a week old and less than a month old.

Prepare for the new. Make a space for it in your life, your closet, your diary. Give up attachment to the cursed hows, how it’s going to happen. Your job is simply to believe that it will and to hold the faith until you see it in your reality.

But you have got to start with clarity. If there’s any confusion, it’s like having one foot on the brake and one on the gas in your vehicle of cosmic ordering and simply nothing will come through. But if you work out what you want, write it down, enjoy it while it is in transit to you from escrow, then you are unstoppable. Try it, and let me know when it arrives as I know it will because I see you doing it all the time.

2. Ask for the thing, not the money to buy the thing

The assumption is that if what you need is a new car, you need the money to buy one. But the manifestation process requires only that you visualise the car, ask for it and anticipate its arrival. The Universe cannot send you money. The Big U doesn’t deal in money, only in energy. So if you notice that your wish list is just a large sum of money that will enable you to feel safe and take care of the rest of your life and buy anything you want, you’d be better off asking to become a big lottery winner than asking to manifest money. The one follows the other. But it isn’t the only way that the stuff you want can come to you.

I am well aware that to many this is absolute balderdash. Some of my clients who are best at this have a sense of amazement and wonder when goodies roll up in their real lives. Some are more confident and adept, but many of them think of themselves as non-believers or sceptics. If they are doing the process right, accidentally or on purpose, it makes no difference. What they have asked for shows up.

Next time it happens, I will ask for permission to share the stories with names and dates and times and actions. And if you know you’ve done this, do share your story in the Comments below with as much detail of how you do it as you can remember. This will help others to believe and start to experiment for themselves.

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